How to Recover Data From Damaged Hard Drive By Means of Recovery Softwares

The hard drive becomes inaccessible due to several reasons. If the disk itself is physically damaged, there is nothing you can do it in the home. If you want your data back, find a data recovery lab and bring your disk to there and prepare to pay a small fortune for the service.

An example of the failure of the physical or electronic equipment’s that damaged hard disk is the famous Click of Death, a continuous clicking noise comes from the hard drive that indicates the sign that there is some problem in the hard drive either by the disk component or causes through the cables. If the hard disk work and you can hear it spinning, or even windows are showing the disk there is a chance on that the data recovery is possible. In that case, read along.


  • Writing anything to the damaged disk is more critical and can cause further corruption on the disk. Do not save the disk recovery tool to the faulty disk. Do not install data recovery software on the corrupted drive use a separate disk, partition or USB flash drive or memory card.
  • When downloading and installing the data recovery software keep in mind that the software is user-friendly or easy to use. If you are using a user-friendly software you will see a step by step wizard that asks you the question about the corrupted hard drive. Just click on the disk that you must recover and click next for recovery
  • When you can often recover disk and data without creating a backup, I powerfully recommend that you make the backup in the other partition or different hard drive. You can do this in different data recovery software that is available in the market. After completely creating the backup, you can perform the recovery as opposed to the original drive. By doing this activity, at least you won’t lose anything from the disk and remain it’s in original form.
  • It is because due to the certain mishap while recovering the recovery is not completed the recovered data is corrupted and create problem while again recovery or maybe the data is permanently lost.


Every person cares about them while it is office data (word, excel or different document) or family pictures and memories you can make all its way to make the faulty piece of drive useful. If that’s case there is the number of software available in the market which can take care of your data first by scanning it and then recover the precious data from the corrupted or damaged hard drive and saving all documents, digital pictures and other files into the safe place.

For the domestic and low data recovery, it is recommended to use free data recovery software first.

If you followed all the necessary actions, you have already rescued your precious data from losing it. Now you have the backup copy of the damaged disk it’s time to revive the actual disk just click next to the software. Recovery software starts fixing the drive and extracts your data. Now just relax and sit it back for a time your data will be recovered in a secure drive.

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Written by Rahis Saifi

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