Healthy Breakfast Ideas for your daily life

The choice of breakfast is essential. Some people struggle to decide a healthy meal; others neglect taking breakfast altogether. Failing to make breakfast is equally unhealthy, as it is when you choose unhealthy dinner.

Many people do not spare enough time in the morning for healthy breakfast. Many think healthy meals are hard to prepare and require a lot of time, which is not available in the morning. Many opt for unhealthy sugar-rich meals for breakfast. Such breakfast cause one to feel full fast, but after a few hours, somebody starts craving for food again. The chances are high that one will snack on another unhealthy meal. The cycle continues, and the effects are detrimental to one’s health.

Here is your much needed good news-you can fix and have a quick heath breakfast every day. The breakfast meals are easy to set and gives the body the much-needed energy. You will stay full for longer, and avoid unhealthy eating habits.

In the post, I will emphasize that you need a healthy breakfast every morning. To save you the hassle of coming up with a breakfast menu, I will give suggestions for healthy breakfast meals you can have.

The following is the list of healthy breakfast Ideas options;

  • Banana, chia seed and nut butter

Scoop some nut butter, sprinkle with chia seed, and add slices of bananas. The chia seed is rich in fiber and offers your body vitamins and needed minerals. Banana is rich in sugar and makes one feel full fast and for long. Nut butter will make you stay full for long.

  • Yogurt and berry smoothie

Smoothies are easy to make, mainly when you have limited time. Time should not be an excuse to eat unhealthily. grab yourself some fruits from the fridge, wash them, and place them in a blender. Add natural yogurt, and blend to the desired consistency.

The fruits add flavor to your smoothie. The yogurt gives you the energy you need to start your day.

  • Oatmeal and an egg

Prepare oatmeal typically using water or milk. For a different taste, you can add some salt and pepper. Take an egg as an accompaniment. The egg will make you stay full, longer reducing craving for junk.

  • Fruit salad. 

Fruits are healthy than processed sugar foods. You can make a fruit salad using your nuts of choice, and take them in the morning. You can get creative as possible by dressing your salad with other healthy food ingredients — for instance, honey.

  • Whole-grain bread with a macadamia cheese sandwich.

Whole grain bread contains fiber, which is good for digestion. To add taste to the bread slices, you make a sandwich of macadamia. This breakfast will make you stay full and feel energized.

  • Black bean, eggs, and sweet potato breakfast.

If you are preparing a day with lots of activities, you need a lot of energy. Make sure in the fridge; there are sweet potatoes, eggs, and black beans. This food combination will be right for breakfast. You will stay full and productive throughout the day.

  • Left-over scramble

Do you have some leftovers and you want to make breakfast? You can combine in ingredients in a cooking pan. Add eggs and scramble. You can add some potatoes to maximize taste.

Leftovers make an excellent breakfast, so don’t be so quick to dispose of them. Just get a bit creative.


Give breakfast the important priority as it is with every other meal of the day. Make sure to take a healthy breakfast every morning, to enable your body to perform maximally throughout the day.

If you eat well in the morning, you will notice an improvement in your productivity and mood. Stay healthy by eating breakfast high in energy, and low in sugar.

You don’t have to limit taking these meals for breakfast only. You can make them at any other time of the day.

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Written by Rohan Biswas

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