Sustainable and eco – friendly gift ideas to present your mom on Mother’s Day

​​​​Mothers are the sovereign angel of Gods. They teach us how to build confidence in life and inculcate self – love. They always guide us in choosing the right path. However, if we make mistakes, our mothers stand beside us like a rock solid and take us out from a menace. Oh dear lovely moms, your guidance is like sunshine for us, your hug is the best medicine in the world and your lap is the most relaxing zone to soothe our mind. Our mothers are our hope, happiness and life.

We as their children should not skip even a single chance to bring the upper curve of their lips. Mother’s day is the best occasion to gift them with something which is beautiful yet meaningful. As our environment is going through unprecedented time, it is our responsibility to look for sustainable gifts. We are sure your mom would definitely love this thought. So, should we start the effort in picking the best eco – friendly gift? Let’s begin:

1. Organic T – Shirt:

 If your mom is fond of easy breezy organic T – Shirt, then gifting her organic T- shirt on Mother’s Day is the best idea.  This T – shirt will add a trendy appeal to the wardrobe without emitting harmful chemicals into the environment. By wearing this soft and cool T – Shirt, your mom will feel the ultimate comfort. She will not feel suffocated and most importantly there will be no sweat smell. Made of 100% cotton, the T – Shirt will absorb the precipitation from the body and he would definitely soar high receiving the modern, functional and eco – friendly T – shirt on her birthday.

2.  Bamboo cutlery set: 

If your mom is a nature lover and always initiates to contribute a bit towards the environment, then she will definitely love to receive bamboo cutlery travel set on Mother’s Day. She will enjoy her every meal by using bamboo made cutlery. The bamboo cutlery set is portable and convenient and she can even carry it during her traveling days or eating out. We are sure; your mom will definitely fall in love with your choice and would ditch plastic forever. Other best thing about bamboo cutlery set is that it is reusable, so it will not create clutter to our surroundings.

3. Copper bottle: 

Handcrafted by skilled artisans using traditional techniques and capped with a beautiful leak – proof cap, copper bottles make exceptional gifts. Water kept in a copper bottle  for a few hours is believed to balance three doshas of body (Vata, Kapha and Pitta). It also helps maintain the PH level. Your mother would definitely be glad to see you care about health and well – being. She will also be happy to see that you recognized the value of ancient scriptures and bought something which will bring utmost utility in her life.

4. Natural cream:

 This mother’s day, give the gift of nourishment to your mom. Explore natural hand creams and lotions online to leave her skin soft and silky. Before buying the cream, make sure that you check out their ingredients. Natural elements like seed oil, shea butter, jojoba oil, honey, coconut oil and aloevera enhance the products’ authenticity and genuinity. Check out the ratings as well and order the one which nourishes, protect and revitalize the skin deeply.

5. Eggless cake:

 Yes! Even cakes can contribute to sustainability. However, you would need to make a little effort. There are a lot of online bakery shops which offer sumptuous cakes made of organic milk, curd and flour giving no room for eggs. Choose the favorite flavor of your mother, mention the date and time and provide the address. Sustainable eggless Mother’s day cake online will be delivered timely and safely. Don’t worry about its quality, the professional bakers take care of its taste really well. Your mother would really be pleased with the idea of a sustainable cake and she will remember your beautiful gesture till the last breath of your life.

Sustainability focuses on meeting the needs of the present while also keeping the requirements of future generations in mind. Celebration is a must on Mother’s day, but why to celebrate in an unconventional way that will not only make your mom happy, but will also help strike a right balance between environment, economy and society.

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Written by Anant Khurana

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