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5 Amazing Websites for Online Movie Streaming

With the internet becoming cheap day by day, people are spending more of their time on internet. Whether it is watching movies, or listening music, people have started preferring online streaming over downloading.

With the advancement in technology, the speed of internet has increased multi folds. Earlier, a movie used to take a lot of time to download or buffer. Now, all of this happens within a blink. So, you might ask if everything is so quick, why should one go for online streaming? This is because many a times we do not know what we are going to watch is really worthy our time or not? And if not, you can clearly stop loading the movie in the middle itself.

So now, having discussed the major plus point of online streaming, let’s have a look at the websites that provide you the facility of watching content online. For music, you can always use sites like Wynk or Saavn for free music streaming. But for movies, this facility is rather paid. Very few movies are available for free on Youtube. But if you want to watch good movies in good quality, you might need to pay some monthly premium.

Top 5 Movie Streaming Websites

This is by far the most popular and most common platform to watch movies online. Here you can watch movies as well as your favorite Television shows. And to top it up, Netflix releases its own TV series as well which are extremely amazing, like Stranger Things. Can you believe you can get all of this in just 10$ a month? And the added advantage, you can share this account with your family and friends as well.

This is another platform which is gaining popularity day by day. It is India’s response to Netflix. It contains all popular shows like Game of Thrones, etc. Hotstar will start streaming some popular Hindi shows like Dil se Dil Tak as well.

Here, you can watch not only English movies and serials, but some shows in Hindi language as well. In addition, you can also watch live cricket show on its website.

It offers you the facility of watching content freely as well. But if you want to watch series like Game of Thrones, you would have to pay the premium.

Here, you will get various price packages. Lowest package offers you less variety of movies and serials, while higher package offers you the wide variety of all sorts of entertainment. Although it is not much convenient as compared to Netflix or Hotstar, yet it has its own benefits.

The only plus point it has over the others is, that along with providing movies and serials, you can watch live TV as well. Although, that will come under a premium package. If you are from India, Hulu is not much useful to you.

Amazon Prime Video
Amazon offers a combined package of Prime membership. In that, you will get eligible for 1-2 days’ delivery on any Prime product of Amazon. Along with that, you will also be able to view various movies and TV series on its Prime Video.

And that is not all. With the prime membership, you can also listen to Amazon Prime Music. Hence, all of the 3 top notch facilities by Amazon are available in just one membership. Isn’t it amazing? If you are from India, then do not wait and start listening to the top songs by Guru Randhawa, or Neha Kakkar on Amazon Prime. You can find our there latest trending songs here.


This website offers you online streaming for free. But, you can watch only Indian serials on this app. No facility for English movies or serials is available. This is the only major drawback for this website. But it is very convenient for people of India who love watching television. If they miss any episode, they can anytime watch it on Voot.

Other than these 5 apps, if you want to watch some old content, you might get lucky to find them for free on YouTube. But nevertheless, you can always try your luck.

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