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The wonders an active blog can do for your Business

The Internet is one of the biggest leaps the world has taken in the field of technological advancement. Its rapid growth is accepted worldwide, enveloping all humans and bringing them closer making the world much smaller. Any person who has access to a Smartphone or computer can witness the power of the Internet.  

Thousands of new websites are registered every day on the internet servers where only a few make it to the top results of the popular search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing. Marketers with incredible budget invest highly in promoting their websites, but often ignore the easy and cheap way through.

The original purpose of the internet was and still is information sharing. There are people who are always keen to know more. The world really has become a smaller place because of the internet. Only yesterday was I reading a food blog when I read about something called a Naga Bomb. A simple assembly of fruits, but it looked so great! By the time you will be reading this blog, I will be facing an ocean of endless possibilities, enjoying the great Naga Bomb xD.

Coming back to more important things at hand, the fact that Google gives more importance to quality content on the website will leave you thinking whether all the paid promotion you were doing till date was worthy of the effort and time or not. Even the recent update done by Google on its search algorithms on March 10 focused on quality content above all, rewarding sites with great content over other factors.

Still doubting the capabilities of great content?

But the question is how will you include more content to your website? You cannot update the content of your WebPages every week in the search for space for great content. The answer is BLOGS! A blog on a website will go a long way.  

There are a number of ways to drive traffic to your website. Having a blog with well-tailored content is the biggest asset a website can have and on the plus side, it doesn’t even cost you money! Plus, the more people will read, the more they will buzz around for you and the product and services you provide.

This article here will convince you on why your business website needs an active blog and will tell you the advantages of those. So let the learning begin!

Portrays you as an expert in your field

If you are passionate about something, the urge to experience all its aspects will not let you sleep in the night. No one will be up to buy your product until they trust you. They need to know that you are an expert at what you are providing, and know all there is to know about the service/product. No one want to deal with an uninformed owner who just adds adjectives before his services, but fails to deliver when given a chance.

People will always want to go to someone who is aware about his product, and can pamper them in need. Thus, giving someone a reason to trust your product and services is necessary.

Position yourself as an expert in your field; write everything you know about your business and related instances. What makes you different from others? It is simple, and will definitely give confidence to you and your brand. This is surely the best way to improve your conversion rates too.

 A Great Tool for Content Marketing

Blogs are the best way to do indulge in content marketing. Write great content, use all the sources you can to spread it. Off-course, not everyone is a great writer, but one does not need to be a Shakespeare to write a blog. Your blog need not be very funny or entertaining. It can be an informative one.

You are running a business, so you do know all the technicalities, terms, latest trends etc. of your niche. Just write blogs giving valuable information and something new to your readers, and they will stick to your website like a moth to a flame!

A friend of mine Alicia who runs a company which provides CDR writing service for engineers Australia started her own blog recently and has witnessed the power of a blog first hand. Starting from no organic traffic, her website now receives at least 30 visitors per day, just from her blog! True, the numbers aren’t a lot, but if you look at them relative to the initial zero, I think it is a considerable improvement. That too in just a few weeks!

Of course, blogs only give you potential leads, converting them is the job of your sales team, but it is a sign of better things to come when people are finding your website on their own without you having to pay for the ads.   

Popularize your blogs via email and social media, and your incoming traffic will increase by up to 30 times!

Additional Source of Communication

Multiple channels bring multiple opportunities. Each post on your blog gives you a chance to connect with new people around and know their ideas and reviews about you and your brand. Enable the comment section so people can give you their honest opinion and reviews. This gives you valuable insight into what your potential leads actually wants and look for in your product.

Reply to their comments even if it is time-consuming because you will always find something worth the time you spent. Your activeness on the blog also shows the readers that you actually care about your customers and want to help them instead of just selling your product. Commenting on your blog is a great way of converting potential leads! Do not let it go to waste.

A Great Free Tool for your website’s SEO

 A blog on your website is a great SEO strategy too. As I stated before, Google emphasizes highly on great content. A blog is your evergreen source for that. Just keep in mind to use proper keywords in your blogs, and they might even get more traffic than your main website.

That is not necessarily a bad thing. When people are impressed by your blogs, they are impressed by your knowledge and will automatically choose you for any services they require. They will automatically start exploring your website for more valuable information, increasing the engaging time with your websites.

Google keeps a note of all these things like number of pages visited, time engaged on your website, bounce rate etc. A good blog will help you rank up for all these factors and more. 

Establish Authority in your Niche

A blog is the best way to establish your brand in your niche. This will establish you as the competitor and will earn you respect in the market. Plus, you can also be approached by companies who are in the same field and will approach you with better opportunities. Their interest is directly related to their trust in your abilities and knowledge, and must act as a great confidence booster for you.

Establishing an authority in your industry will help your business grow automatically. This will also allow your customers to trust you and your product as they know that you are not just a geek behind the keyboard but someone who is ready to deliver the best out of the box.

A Better way to Convert Leads      

People won’t hesitate to try the service you offer if everything sounds positive to them. A blog with great reader interaction builds trust and trust is what builds a customer base. As Seth Godin once said

“People do not buy goods and services. They buy relations, stories and magic”

These words could be an old adage nowhere backed up by science, but in today’s competitive world where mere money cannot develop good customer relations, these words come in handy. An active blog is a sign that business is alive and functioning at its full pace.

Helps Your Website Rank Better

 A unique keyword can rank easily but a business-specific keyword will have a hard time ranking, especially when the list of competitors on the web is long. The website with good quality content is often acknowledged by all major search engines especially Google.

Updating your old content time to time is also an effective way to give yourself an improved freshness score. This means not to just edit it on the same blog. Instead of doing that, research more and write a new blog including the essential updates surfacing the web. For example, for next year I can update a few points and then write a blog called “why having a blog in 2019 is necessary.” This way, I will not have to work really hard, and in the eyes of Google but I wrote a new blog with updated content.

So now you see, how having a blog can be the utmost essential asset a website can have. The advantages a good blog provides are just too good to ignore. So, I hope this blog will encourage businesspersons worldwide to start their own blog for their website.

What do you think?

Written by Kushagra Gupta

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