Common Diabetes Myths Exposed

Diabetes is so common nowadays that almost everyone knows a person or two suffering from it. Virtually everyone pitches in with their own opinions convinced that they know everything about preventing and managing diabetes. This has led to the birth of numerous myths; some of which are completely baseless while others are theories that have been proven to be false as science has made progress. Some of the more common ones demystified:

Diabetes Is Caused by Obesity 

Even though there is a very strong association between obesity and diabetes, there is no evidence to prove that the disease is the outcome of poor weight management. The myth can be easily disproved by two simple statistics; the rate of diabetes in the US is 10%; alarming as it is, the rate of obesity is even more frightening at 50% and it is quite evident that the two have no link. There is, however, a suggestion that excessive weight may act as a diabetes trigger but that is also true of age. A lot many studies, in fact, point out that diabetes may be a result of genetics; even a healthy diet and an active lifestyle may not be sufficient to prevent it.

Blood Sugar Testing Is Unnecessary Because You Can Tell When It Deviates From the Normal

While it is true that you can tell when your blood sugar level dips very low or goes through the roof, these symptoms cannot in any way accurately indicate the actual blood sugar level. According to scientists making regular antibody purchase and carrying out research, the symptoms and their extent differ from person to person so making an estimate is hazardous. While you may feel disoriented or dizzy when your blood sugar level really dips, it can be relatively more difficult to realize when the level climbs high over a period of time and starts to damage your organs. The only way to know the actual blood sugar level is to test using a glucometer or by giving your blood sample to a laboratory.

Eating Sugar Causes Diabetes

Because most people are aware that the principal symptom of diabetes is excessive blood sugar, it seems logical to conclude that the condition must have resulted from a surplus of sugar in your diet. However, the real truth is that till now the actual reason behind people developing diabetes is unknown and there is no evidence that there is any connection between diabetes and consumption of sugar. Sugar is the source of all the energy required by the body, however, when you have diabetes, the sugar cannot be used due to the lack of adequate insulin production


Even though diabetes is extremely common, there is an abundance of misinformation that only serves to confuse people. For example, while insulin is recommended for effective diabetes control, it has been blamed for causing blindness and weight gain. It has been established that even if you are suffering from diabetes, you can lead a fulfilling life by properly balancing your diet and by adopting a healthy lifestyle.

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Written by Daniel Mattei

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