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Boost Your Sales with 6 Remarkable Time-Saving PPC Management

pay per click management
pay per click management

Between running your business and making plans for the future, there’s very little time left for managing your AdWords PPC account. But it’s vital for driving ROI and building online presence. You can partner a PPC management agency and while you’re trying to find a reliable one, just implement these time-saving PPC management hacks!

Partner Reliable PPC Agency

Finding a reliable white label PPC management agency offering a comprehensive set of solutions is easier said than done. It may take some time before you find one that understands your business and campaign goals. While making efforts to find a suitable agency, you can take the help of a wide variety of time-saving tools for effective account monitoring and management.

Keyword Diagnosis Tool

The Keyword Diagnosis Tool inside the user interface of your AdWords account is a nifty tool that helps you look at keyword health and quickly identify keyword problems through different keyword statuses. Some statuses such as ‘Budget limited or exhausted’, ‘Keyword Disapproved, ‘Billing Issue’, ‘Not Eligible To Run’ and ‘Low Bid or Quality Score’ are obvious red flags that need to be looked into immediately before they cause further damage.

Ad Preview and Diagnosis Tool

The Ad Preview and Diagnosis Tool is useful in helping you identify why an ad or ad extension might not be working. A professional white label PPC management agency usually uses this handy tool to see which ads or ad extensions are appearing for a particular keyword. Rather than doing a search on Google to see how your ad looks in its final format (which can adversely affect performance statistics), you can use this tool to preview an ad and make sure it’s proper.

Bulk Edits Option

What do you do to simultaneously update multiple items in one campaign or items across multiple campaigns? The Bulk Edits option is a convenient way of making large scale changes to campaigns, ad groups, ads and keywords. Regular and white label PPC services providers use this option to increase bids, decrease bids, set new budgets, replace ad text and much more. You can use it for any tab and select from a list of edit options. You can also preview edits before making them final.

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Automate Report Generation

You can schedule recurring or one-off reports relating to vital campaign performance metrics and have them automatically appear in your email inbox. When you run and download a report from any tab, select the ‘Email and schedule report’ and mention the people to receive the report as well as report frequency. This simple reporting system will save you the trouble of creating ad hoc reports and allow you to share vital campaign performance information with key stakeholders.

Create Master Negative Keyword List

Maintaining negative keywords lists is important for a PPC campaign because they help filter unwanted traffic. However, when you have multiple campaigns and ad groups, it can get complex, time consuming and result in costly errors that adversely impact campaign performance. To avoid this, regular and white label PPC services providers make use of a master negative keywords list that can be synced across multiple campaigns in a single account that are attached to the list.

Use Automated Rules

Another tool that regular and white label PPC services providers is automated rules that allow users to make account changes automatically, based on certain criteria and settings a user chooses. You can automatically make changes to your bids, budgets, ad status and lots more. Use this time-saving feature for tasks that are performed frequently but take up a lot of time or for turning on/off promotional ads. However, settings should be reviewed from time to time to make sure they’re working in your campaign’s best interests.

For more tips and professional assistance for your AdWords campaign, consult an experienced PPC agency!

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