What does PPC management services include?

Before getting into what PPC management services include. Let’s know what exactly is Pay-per-click (PPC).

PPC is a digital marketing service where the advertisers pay a fee each time when one of their ads is clicked by the users. The advertisers have to bid for ad placement in the search engine’s so that they get appeared when the user searches for that related search. PPC marketing helps advertisers to get instant traffic and increase their conversion rate.

To get appeared on the search results page, just paying huge amounts won’t rank your ad on top of the search results. Paying more will not make your ad appear frequently compared to the competitors. Google has an automated process of placing your ad on the search engines, which is called Ad auction. This determines the relevancy and validity of advertisements that appear on the search engines.

Below are the different PPC management services that are used for getting better ROI to the business.

Google AdWords: It is where Google lets you display your Ads on Google advertising network. When the users click on the Ad displayed when they search for a related query to your niche, then you will be charged for that click.

Bing Ads: In Bing Ads, advertisers can advertise on Bing, Yahoo! And AOL search engines. So, if you are advertising on Bing, then your Ad can be visible on all three sites. Both Google and Bing Ads are the same, and the only difference is Bing Ads is less expensive depending on the keywords that you want to target because it is a less popular search engine.

Google AdWords and Bing Ads both offer the same kind of PPC services.

  • Search advertising: It is a paid search advertising where search engines place your ads on the SERPs and when a user clicks on the ad, the advertiser has to pay the bid amount. The advertisers have to bid on their niche related keywords and when the user types the related topic, your ad will have chances to show up in SERP.
  • Display advertising: This is also known as banner advertising. In this type of advertising, you can display the ads visually using animations, images, text, logos and, other designs. Images and graphics always attract the user, even if the user doesn’t need the product, he looks at it if it looks appealing. So, you can attract and engage the customers by creating amazing display ads for your brand.
  • Retargeting or Remarketing: Google display network helps advertisers by placing Ads on other sites that the user regularly visits. If the user has clicked on an Ad and did a certain action on the website, then the website places cookies in the user’s browser which helps in retargeting them again and again. The advertisers can retain the interest that the users had shown on their product.

Native Ads: It is a type of advertising, which is a paid form, where the Ad matches the look, feel and function of the content on which it appears. The word native itself refers to the consistency of the content with the other media on that platform.

Now that you know what services are included in PPC. You can plan your marketing strategies accordingly and improve your company’s ROI.

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