5 Tips to Improve the Performance of Your PPC Campaigns

Pay per Click is one of the highly effective advertising strategies to grab the targeted audience. But, sometimes in spite of working hard your PPC might just be underperforming. If that’s the case with you then worry not because there are some proven ways and tactics to improve the PPC campaign.

In here, Philadelphia SEO by Premier SEO Ninjas has chalked down 5 expert tactics and tips to improve the performance of your PPC campaigns,check this website to know more about this.

  • Decide The Platform For Running Your PPC Campaign

While Google Ads is the most popular platform for running PPC campaigns Facebook Ads and Twitter Ads are also worthy platforms that you can consider. Each platform has its own pros and cons and works differently when it comes to customizing the ad budgets, and so on.

  • Determine Your Ad Budget And Choose The Right Ad Type To Invest In

In general there are four types of ads to consider and they are- display ads, search ads, app ads and video ads. To choose the right type of ad first determine your ad budget and include it in your PPC campaign budget. Determining your ad budget helps you to make your purchase a cost-effective one.

  • Determine Your Bidding Strategy

Just as important it is to set an ad budget it is equally important to determine a bidding strategy. Google ads come with 4 general bidding strategies which you can choose aligning with your business goal.

The most popular is CPC bidding strategy in which you pay each time your ad is clicked. On the other hand, impression bidding strategy focuses on vCPM bidding in which you pay every thousand times your ad appears to the audience. Google ads bidding offers the most convenient way of chose your bidding strategy and optimize your overall PPC campaign.

  • Make The Wise Decision Of Customizing Your Target Audience And Interest

Almost all PPC platforms allows you to choose the target audience you intent your ad to reach upon.  As such customize your target audience, locations and interest along with the search term to make your campaign much better tailored.

  • Focus On The Analytics Dashboard To Track Your PPC Campaign’s Performance

Often times the analytics dashboard is most overlooked when running the PPC campaign. However when undertaking a marketing initiative it is important and wise thing to consider tracking your PPC campaign’s performance tracking your sales versus conversion is important to make any change if necessary.

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