4 Tips To Successfully Use Plants In Interior

Plants bring a piece of nature into our homes. Both the interior and we can benefit from them. Of course, to make the best out of them and let them fully contribute to the space, there are certain tricks to be aware of before you start buying plants and putting them around your home.

How can plants add to the aesthetic of your interior?

The great thing about plants inside your home is that they will always add color to your space without actually clashing with other colors. Most of them are green, and no matter what the color scheme of the room is, they will blend in perfectly. They add life to your living space and soften the edges of flat-surface furniture. They are perfect for filling empty spaces and large, empty walls.

As you can see, plants have many purposes, so let’s see in what ways you can use them for your interior.

1. Make the plant the focus of your room

You don’t have to add a plant to the room as just one more decorative item. Just the opposite – it can be the focal piece of the room to arrange the rest of the furniture and decorations around it.

Statement plants may be what you need if you have a large room to fill. They are usually large and draw a lot of attention. You can opt for the money tree, as it doesn’t need direct sunlight or much water. Palm trees like fan and bamboo and the lush monster deliciosa are also an option here. Once you place the plant, plan the rest of the details around it to make it stand out.

2. Be creative with the placement of the plants

As plants can grow almost anywhere, you are not obliged to use potted planters. Get creative and use your wall to install wall planters, which will look amazing when the foliage in it starts spreading over the planter like it was spilling out if it. It will definitely add life to a boring wall.

Green walls are an elaborated idea of plants on the wall. They are great as insulation and reducing heating costs. The more leaves you have on the wall, the better. These green walls can be custom designed for a specific wall in your home and you can have it pre-grown or planting starter plants that you will take care of.

Lastly, you can also have hanging planters on the edges of the room or even above certain furniture pieces like coffee tables in the corner.

3. Combining plants with background colors

Even though plants mostly naturally blend into space, you can use them to match with background colors. Pay attention to the artwork in the room or the furniture. Then find flowering plants that will complement these colors best and those pieces pop. Flowering plants are better than buying bouquets because you will have blooming colors throughout the whole year.

However, be prepared because this type of plants needs a lot of your care if you want them to bloom. You will definitely need all the basic gardening accessories to tend them properly, including trimming and replanting them. Whether you choose orchids and tulips or even a blooming type of cacti, don’t neglect them if you want to enjoy the colors.

4. Decorate the bathroom, too

As bathrooms are mostly steamy places, why not decorate it with plants that strive in the steamy environment? Orchids would be one of the best options here, as they add elegance and color to space and they enjoy the humidity.

Air plants (Tillandsias) are another type of plant that doesn’t seek much attention from you. And a bonus here is that they are very interesting to look at as they don’t grow in soil. So, they don’t need the luxury and are simply perfect for the bathroom. Soil-less glass orb containers are easy to install in the bathroom. Just make sure you put them in indirect sunlight. The rest is simple – tillandsia will absorb the moisture in the bathroom as they love its humidity. Still, you need to submerge the completely in the water twice a week. When you put them back in the container, leave the roots in the water.

All in all

AS you can see, plants in your interior don’t have to be just one of many decorations in your home. They come in different shapes, sizes and colors, meaning they can match with every style and serve various purposes. They will definitely add uniqueness to your living space and spice it up with a dash of nature and lively colors. Just spend a little of your time to decide what spot would best suit both them and you.

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Written by Stella Ryne

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