4 tips to match the design of your home with your fashion style

Having a fashion sense allows you to showcase your personality and express your character through the garments that you wear. Wouldn’t you love to the same with your home design too? You can easily achieve this by considering simple steps when going through the design process of your home. Whether you like a dash of leopard print or a spot of illuminous texture, modern radiators, all these characteristics and features can be easily incorporated into the interior design of your home and here are some steps to follow to make it happen:

Discover a colour scheme

Now if you’re a bit of a wild one when it comes to fashion, you still want to make sure that the rooms have consistency and an articulate colour pallette. Choosing a colour theme provides a good indication of your own personality. Choose the wrong colour or something that you dislike for your rooms and interior design, it’s likely to make you feel uneasy in your own home.

If you’re looking to incorporate certain colours into your colour scheme, opt for 3 colours that are your favourite and work around them for each room. It can be an extremely important decision when it comes to outlining how you want your house to be portrayed, so make sure that the colour choices match and remain consistent throughout.

Make sure you have a style in place

Each person has their own individual style when it comes to fashion and design. Whether you prefer minimalistic, patterned or spontaneous there will be a specific style design to suit your needs. It’s all about doing research and discovering a style that suits you. In some cases you may find that you like multiple styles, and if you do there won’t be no harm in combining a few together.

Put your personality on show

As everyone’s personality is unique, incorporating your own personal style to the interior will ensure that your design is different from the rest. It’s a great way to show off something a little different and provide your home with a little surprise factor.

The best way you can achieve this is by adding small touches to your room design such as accessories and wall art. Whether it’s through the pillows that you have on your sofa or wall furnishing represents a hobby you love, it helps bring your own personality to the party.

Pick the right furniture

It cannot be denied the design furniture that you choose for your room can transform its appearance and be the make or break item for your room. Whether you choose designer sofas or large chandeliers, the items you choose to dress your interior can be the difference in how it makes you feel towards it. Make furniture design choices that suit you and what you like.

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Written by Jamie Costello

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