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Accounting has become a hot choice in career trends if we follow the statistics of the last few years. This is because the scope of the individual has increased greatly. With the internet boom, the companies, small or big, now have more freedom regarding the services they subscribe to.

Earlier, they had to employ a full-time bookkeeper to help them with the taxes. However, the employee had no work to do all through the year and had to be paid the whole year’s salary for the work that of two-three months. The concept of freelancing was alien to people. However, the scenario has completely changed in recent years. Companies now do not take the trouble of hiring someone full time. They are more into subscribing to the services of an accounting firm that operates online and uses the most recent software to calculate the taxes.

The Opportunity

Thus, the whole volume of paperwork has gone online, saving the entrepreneur considerable office space. Also, this has reduced the possibility of documents getting lost. Also, the entrepreneur saves a lot in money because he now pays the freelancer for the months he/she is working and not for the whole year. Another advantage is that the entrepreneur can easily unsubscribe from the services of a particular accountant if he/she thinks that the services rendered are not up to the mark. This also has an advantage that is not much discussed: a lot of young people can work for different companies at once and earn much more than they would have earned working full time for a single company. It is not a secret that the freelancer’s rates are much more than that of a permanent employee because the latter draws a fixed income from the company every month.

Because of the online process, the IT sector is flourishing. They are developing newer cloud technologies that provide the companies more effective models of managing their taxes, to shift to a changed business model, to provide artificial intelligence based assistants to the clients, to have remarkably good market research in affordable prices, etc.

Clear advantages

Therefore, you can clearly see why you should take up professional courses in Australia. There are several advantages of opting for a professional course in accounting:

· There is a great deal of freedom that the student encounters after he/she enrolls for the professional year accounting. They can choose to be what they want and thus are entitles to a lot of job satisfaction.

· Certificates are issued from the most prestigious institutes in Australia, for instance, Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia or the individual student can also opt for the post of the Certified Practicing Accountant (CPA).

· The kind of degree that a student wants is also flexible. So, whether you want a diploma or a full-time master’s degree, it is completely up to you. These professional courses last for a year and make an individual industry ready.

Other Advantages

There are of course other advantages that you would be entitled to once you enroll for a Professional Year Course Perth:

a) You will be given a chance to work as an intern with the best companies around. This is your big chance to know about the work ethics that the professionals follow in Australia. You also learn a lot of particularities that you cannot learn unless you have first-hand working experience.

b) You will also have a chance to cope up to the ways of living in the largest Continent. As the work culture is rigid here, the weekends are fun. Therefore, you would get ample chance to wash off your tiredness and start afresh in the next week.

c) This internship experience would help you to get a decent pay package once you actually start working on live projects. Work experience always counts, and you will see the difference in salary that you will have with the fresher who would start his/her career with the same level as you.


There are of course eligibility criteria that every candidate must conform to. These are pretty basic, but it is important to keep these in mind:

1) You must have completed your graduation from a recognized institute in Australia. Also, you must have secured a pass mark of 6 bands to be held eligible for this course.

2) It would count as a credit if you can secure the 10 marks awarded by the Ministry of Home Affairs, which is awarded to a handful of meritorious students every year.

3) Make sure that you have learned your trade well while you are in your college. You have to pass the assessments that are conducted before the eligible candidates are selected for the course.

4) You must have a valid visa and must be under 50 years of age to be able to apply for these courses.

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