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10 Features Every HR Management Software Must Have

Choosing the right HR software for your business is an important decision you want to get right. Good HR management software can improve organisational efficiency and cut down costs. In short, it can help your company reach its goals faster and without spending as much money.

When looking for the right HR management software, functionality should be at the heart of your decision-making. Software with limited functionality can be detrimental to reaching your goals and it can lead to the business feeling stuck with an inefficient tool. By selecting something with proper functionality, you can reap the rewards and make the most of the software.

To help make the search slightly easier, here are the ten features and functionalities your HR management software should have.

1. Recruitment

Finding the right talent is among the most important parts of running a successful business. For the HR department, recruitment is often the top agenda and each HR software tool in use should help with recruitment to some extent. When considering the recruitment features that’ll help, you want to keep in mind things like applicant tracking systems, data entry systems, and workflow management.

2. Onboarding

You’ll also want a feature focused on the onboarding of new talent. The easier it is for the new employee to get started, the more likely it is that they’ll stay and succeed. Onboarding modules should help in providing new hires with information, tracking paperwork and providing the right training to get started.

3. Scheduling

Once the employees are ready to work, they will need proper management in terms of scheduling. HR management software that helps create work schedules, looks after holidays and sick leaves will make scheduling more effective and save time.

4. Administration

You’ll also want functionality that improves the administrative side of HR. Your HR management software should look after employee details from basic information to employee benefits. The modules you want range from healthcare information to tax benefits.

5. Absence and leave management

As mentioned briefly in the section for scheduling, you want to ensure your HR software has the functionality to manage holiday and sick leave. In many tools, this is a separate function of creating a workflow schedule and therefore, you definitely want to ensure it’s included. It allows staying on top of things like holidays and it can make it easier for employees to apply for leave.

6. Attendance

You also want a feature that makes it possible to track employee attendance. This can be important – especially in terms of real-time attendance – because it makes it easier to monitor employee performance. You want to look at this data because it can reveal important variables, such as specific times employee attendance drops or times when overtime increased.

7.  Training and Development

Getting your training and development right will be crucial in terms of business success. Good HR management software will include modules that allow the creation of training and development profiles, programs and feedback systems. This help create a more transparent training system and lower the cost of talent development.

8. Succession Planning

Today’s leaders might not be tomorrow’s leaders. It’s important for any organisation to continue to develop talent and leaders to keep the company moving forward into the future. Succession planning is an important part of talent management and good HR software should provide you with the tools to do this properly.

9. Performance Monitoring

To ensure overall efficiency of the organisation, monitoring performance becomes vital. Your HR management software should gather detailed data of individual employees in different stages and the use this for analysis.

10. HR Analytics

Finally, it’s crucial to ensure the software has a specific analytics function. This will integrate with all of the above features and allow you to generate reports. This will provide you with a deeper understanding of performance and how well you’re managing talent. In the top HR management software solutions, these analytics tools can also provide tips in terms of improving HR management.

Finding the right HR management software is not easy but it gets smoother once you know what good software should do. The above list of features is something to keep in mind when looking for your next software solution. With the right functionalities, you will keep your focus and find the perfect software to align with your business needs.

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