Tips to Control your Everyday Mood Swings like a Pro

It happens to everyone. Literally. One minute, you’re feeling like on top of the world, and the next minute, you find yourself in a flurry of tears. A minute trigger is enough to launch a sudden mood shift, and this involuntary catalyst can be anything from a random thought to a chance encounter. Such is the powerful impact of emotionality on our overall state of being. It shakes us to our very cores. Do you agree?

If you’ve been experiencing more mood swings these days than you’d like, and wish to harness them back into a controlled condition, then let the following tips guide you on your self-restorative journey.

Record & Track

One of the best ways to curb a problem is to catch it in the act. When it comes to mood alterations, I’d suggest you keep a regular track of the emotions you experience during the day. Jot down your daily activities, without leaving out the details, to see what acts as a trigger point for the sudden swing from happy to sad or vice versa. There are multiple apps on Android or iTunes which will help you record everything efficiently, like Dalio, Moodcast, and Stigma, etc. Simply download them over your super-fast Charter Spectrum internet and you’ll be good to go.

Slumber Away

Conduct a little experiment. Try and stay awake for more than 48 hours and see what happens. I bet you will start experiencing a lack of coordination, focus, and alertness. Your emotions will fall all over the place, and you’ll hallucinate without even knowing. This is what the lack of sleep does. So, to bring your mood swings under control, take a complete 8-hour sleep and even some small naps throughout the day. It works like magic.

Exercise Regularly

We’re in the habit of sitting way too much, whether it’s working at our 9-to-5 jobs, or binge-watching Netflix all night long. This sedentary lifestyle is highly dangerous for us in more than one ways. It messes with our bodies’ chemical compositions and naturally, with our emotions. So, the best way to beat this mode of existence is to bring exercise into the equation. Whenever you feel like you’re going to experience a sudden mood swing, get out of the vicinity and take a jog around the park. Play your favorite soothing tracks and bring your emotions under control.

Switch Caffeine with Hydrants

Most of us can’t really open our eyes in the morning without a cup of joe by our bedside. Even though caffeine and other stimulants give our energies an instant boost, yet their side-effects include amplification of depression and/or anxiety. This gives birth to unsolicited mood swings. So, I’d recommend you to replace stimulants with hydrants, such as lemon water, which will keep your body healthy and your emotions in check.

Take Small Meals

According to PsychCentral, if you stay hungry for too long, your blood sugar level tends to drop, and this scarcity of energy normally leads to a mood shift that’s inclined towards panic. So, don’t starve yourself just to get that perfect figure. Instead, take small meals more than three times throughout the day, based on a balanced ratio of nutrients, and ensure that your energy levels remain high.

Achievement Chart

The world is full of harsh and negative criticism. It is up to you to take it seriously or not. Pump your self-esteem with an achievements chart by your side at all times and stave off any lingering mood altering trigger. Feel confident in your abilities and nothing will bring you down.

Know that mood swings are a highly regular phenomenon, experienced by everyone in their lives. It is not a specific condition only limited to patients with the disorder. In order to deal with it effectively, you have to normalize it and then use the aforementioned pointers to keep it in check, and you’ll be fine.

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Written by Daisy Smith

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