Heartfelt advice for living well after a divorce

Whatever the reason for the breakup of your marriage, divorce is never easy. You have the initial disbelief of friends and family to deal with and the finality of engaging family lawyers in Brisbane, followed by financial negotiations (friendly or acrimonious), custody issues and then at the end of this long and stressful process, it’s all done and you are left to restart your life.

Beginning a new life isn’t always easy however, because it’s not as if you can simply walk out of one door and enter another full of buttercups and rainbows. Suddenly, after years of being married you are dealing with anger, grief, loss and family lawyers (something you thought would never happen!) and you are on your own, no longer a couple. Many people find it very difficult adjusting to a single life again, particularly if they were married for a long time.

It’s almost as if you need to rediscover yourself as a person and an individual again, rather than one half of a couple. If you are struggling to overcome a recent divorce, here are a few heartfelt words of wisdom that hopefully will steer you in the direction of a new and fulfilling life.

Love yourself and let go of regrets

Now is the time to introduce yourself to the new ‘you’ and to focus on your gifts and blessings. Who are you? What do you want? What makes you happy? What are your good qualities? Think only of the positives and do something that makes you happy every day. This can be as simple as taking a long hot bath, walking the dog or reading a chapter of your favourite book, but make time every day to feed your soul.

If your divorce was acrimonious and you have been dealing with family lawyers in Brisbane for longer than you anticipated, you might still feel bitter or angry, but now is the time to let go of all those negative thoughts. Hanging onto regrets, reliving portions of your life and wondering what went wrong isn’t the way to move forward, instead it simply holds you back. If you really think about all these negative thoughts you will realise that they aren’t doing anything to make you feel better, just the opposite in fact.

Live in the moment and appreciate your life

Even if you are now a single parent having to do everything yourself without a partner to help and support you, all is not lost. At times like this when the world seems too heavy to bear, focus on living in the moment and appreciate the love of your children, family and friends. Forget the past with all of its stresses, family lawyers and negative feelings, don’t worry about the future, simply enjoy what you have today and don’t borrow trouble from tomorrow.

Always be true to yourself and listen to your heart. If you have lost your direction and feel rudderless, accept that feeling and don’t worry, because it will get better. There is no need to force one particular direction or decision on yourself, just wait until a course of action feels ‘right’ to you and then move down that path. Something will come along that draws your attention and your interest, so believe in yourself, enjoy the love that is around you and don’t be afraid of the future.

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