5 Best WordPress Caching Plugins for Newbie Sites

Are you looking for the best caching plugins? Are you having problems in maintaining the cache memory?

Cache memory is the temporary memory that stores the temporary data for quick access.

When a system works, it goes through many processes. If it seems that one data is required several times, it saves the data in the cache memory to make the data access easier.

WordPress is a dynamic content management system. It deals with lots of data and information parallelly. So, having a good cache memory system is required.

5 best WordPress caching plugins

Caching is very important to reduce the load on the WordPress hosting server. It reduces the loading time and in decrease the responsive time.

A faster website can help you give your user good user experience. This makes your user to stay on your sire for a longer period of time. It also increases traffic.

Google’s new algorithm also focuses on faster loading time and quick responsiveness. So, having a good cache memory system can boos the SEO ranking as well.

Let’s hover around the list of the best WordPress caching plugins:

1. WP Rocket 

if you are new in this industry and have no idea what cache memory is and how does it work. WP Rocket is the best choice you can make for maintaining the cache memory. It is the easiest of all the cache plugin out there. It is beginner-friendly because you don’t have to know the technical term.

With just one click user can allow the plugin to create a cache for the website. It automatically crawls the website and fetches all the required data. It also turns on all the recommended cache settings like gzip compression, page cache, and cache preloading.

Once you master all the basic set up, you can upgrade it even more to improve the performances.  This includes lazy load images, CDN support, DNS prefetching and more.

2. W3 Total cache 

It is one of the popular WordPress plugins in WordPress. It is quite famous among professionals as well. It proves a number of set up which can be intimidating at first.

It has all the required setup which can be used to build an excellent cache memory system. The set up includes page cache, object cache, limited minification, CDN support, DNS prefetching, gzip cache, and much more.

Beginners can feel intimidating at first, but once if they get hang of it, it can be fruitful.

3. WP super cache 

In the storm of free cache plugins, nobody can ignore the presence of the WP super cache plugin.

It has been popular among all kinds of users. It has been a favorite not only for beginners but also for experts like this plugin.

It is no different from the other plugins mentioned above. It also has all the recommended set up which is required for speeding up your website.

The set up includes page cache, object cache, limited minification, CDN support, DNS prefetching, gzip cache, and much more. It has a comprehensive setting set up that can help the beginners to understand the plugin clearly.

4. Sucuri Firewall 

It is the best firewall and security plugin. Being a firewall, Sucuri comes with the built-in firewall cache system which scans down all the content of the website even before the user requests reaches to your site.

As Sucuri is a DNS level firewall, it creates a cache memory of the user’s request even before the request reaches your website.

This fast cache memory system can really boost the speed of your website.

5. Built in cache plugin from the hosting 

Caching helps the host server to boost up their speed and their response time. Caching can improve the performance of the host servers and the website. This way there are many hosting platforms that are providing their own caching solution.


Having a good quality cache memory system can boost the traffic on your site.

Every plugin mentioned above is a little different from each other. Choosing the best cache system to depend on the theme you are using.

Use all the plugins and then choose one which can go bets with the theme you are using.

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