Parental Control: Block unwanted calls on your kid’s phone

Parenting has a lot to offer; on one hand, it brings excitement to nurture your kid, whereas, on the other hand, it also makes you nervous about their wellbeing and upbringing.

With age, the needs and wants of a kid increases. What better can be demanded from parents other than a cellphone in this tech-centric era!? If anybody wants to be tech-savvy, kids are the first one to gear up.

Although, the gadget is a necessity, but should be used with caution. Prolonged talks on calls and usage of cell phone may invite unhealthy issues.

So, as a parent, how will you block unwanted phone calls on your kid’s phone?

Don’t you want to stop your kids from being the victim of diseases like brain/ear tumor or cancer?

Parental control app is a perfect solution and has a lot to offer.

Let us get the in-depth insights about what is a  parental control app and how it can protect your child from excessive use of their phones.

What is the parental control app?

A parental control app is a software built to keep a tab on kids’ usage of their smartphones. Instead of asking teens for phones to check their activities, you can keep a close watch with the help of a parental control app.

You need a parental control app to know the exact reality and keep a check on your child’s cell phone activity. Using the app, you can curb the harmful effects of mobile addiction.

Parental control software consist of various features, which makes your task of controlling kids online activities quite easy and simple. So let us see how parental control helps in blocking unwanted calls on your kid’s phone.

Block suspected callers: You can Use parental control to block suspicious contacts. Say, for instance, if a stalker is calling your kid with different numbers to indulge them in harmful activities, you can block such numbers and save your kids.

Parental control allows you to block incoming and outgoing calls. With the call block feature, you can congest the unknown callers and even stop the individuals that harass or misguide your kid.

Amidst so many call blocking or parental control applications, it is difficult to find the one which is most reliable and trustworthy app which not only blocks unwanted calls, but also ensures the safety of your kid and helps you keep a tab on their phone usage.

One of the most recommended parental control apps is Bit Guardian Parental Control. Why? Let’s find out.

Bit Guardian Parental Control- The Best Way To Block Unwanted Calls On Your Kid’s Phone

Bit Guardian Parental Control is a comprehensive application built for Android users. It benefits both parent and child.

Bit Guardian Parental Control curtails the scope of cell phone obsession. With this app, you can block unwanted phone calls on your kid’s phone. It can help in restricting the digital tasks of your teen.

The best feature of this app – it lets you add an infinite number of children with a single login.

Check out how Bit Guardian Parental Control can block unnecessary calls on your child’s phone.

Calls: This feature of Bit Guardian Parental Control is specially built to block unnecessary callers.

If your teen is getting worried with suspicious callers or cyberbullies, it is your responsibility to safeguard them from online bullies. Call block tool will allow you to block the selected numbers or all numbers in your kid’s device.

How to block unwanted phone calls on your kid’s phone using Bit Guardian Parental Control

Step 1: Go to Parental Control by Bit Guardian’s app home page.

Step 2: Select your child on whose phone you wish to enable the Call blocker feature.

Step 3: In the child’s setting, select the option “Calls.”

Step 4: Enable the option and choose your category.

Step 5: Tick mark the list and enable the click on apply button.

So, what are you waiting for? Save your kids from online threats with the most trustworthy application – Bit Guardian Parental Control.

Use parental control to block suspicious contacts by lending your choice to the right app –  Bit Guardian Parental Control. Download it now!

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Written by Sumit Pareek

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