The Do’s and Don’ts of Surfing the Internet

According to recent statistics, over 95 million people in the US alone are surfing the web daily, and with this growing number, there has also been a significant increase in the number of cyber-security threats for the public as well.

In 2018 alone many businesses recorded a total of 59% in the number of cyber-attacks. Thus for that reason the US-based individuals, much like many other countries in the world, have turned to virtual private networks or proxy websites, to protect their IP address which in the opinion of many tech insiders is the gateway for all your personal information. VPNs for the USA are growing more and popular compared to their free counter-part, “proxy websites.”

VPNs are remarked by many individuals to be the better option, due to the number of security features they possess. On the other hand proxy sites, are often discarded due to their insane number of advertisements. However, that’s not to say VPNs also don’t come with their own set of issues, as many customers have also complained about paying excessive amounts of money, or slow customer service.

When looking for the best VPN in the US you must also look for ones with the latest features, be sure to read reviews on their service and make sure to choose the most budget-friendly one there is. The more third-party website reviews the better.

“Paid vs Free” what is the safest method to subscribe to a VPN service?

There is a growing debate nowadays over the use of free vs paid VPNs, free VPN services, in the opinion of many critics, are just as useless as proxy websites. Since paid VPN services earn a chunk of their revenue from their sales, free VPNs do not have that luxury. Thus they resort to placing advertisements and links to other third-party websites, which in their own way is a hazard to your online data and privacy.

These websites are home to all sorts of viruses, which are in-turn hazardous to your personal data.

Surfing the internet, and the threats of the modern era

Surfing the internet is easy but what may seem like an easy task from the outside is not so easy in actuality. The web is riddled with hackers and scammers who are always looking to steal or manipulate your personal data for their own personal gain.

These issues are easily avoided by those who take the right steps to protect their data; such as subscribing to a VPN. Of the more common cyber-crimes include; malware viruses, phishing attempts. As more and more people gain access to the internet, the market for these internet scammers also grows. Identity theft via the web is also very common, which is why the best networks make an effort to not log any data about you at all.

Protecting your data when online

Although there are many ways you can protect your data when online such as; backing up your data, using anti-malware protection, locking your files with passwords, installing OS updates, and turning off your devices once you’re done using them. Nevertheless, these methods are considered by many as being extremely tedious; thus virtual private networks were created as an all in one security tool. Some of the best VPNs, come for a very small cost, and yet still possess the latest protection features.

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