5 Reasons Why Your Startups Need a Toll Free Number

The startup struggle is a real phenomenon. With an expanding startup, there can be an extreme pressure to attract your customers and retain them, all this while getting into the business.

Are you too a growing startup? Well, while establishing and getting started with your business venture might be a tedious task and may sound super daunting, but with the right communication tools, it can become comparatively facile to reach your potential customers.

One such way to connect with your customers effectively is having a Toll Free Number.

A toll free number is a valuable business asset that can give your startup brand recognition as well as allow you to communicate with your customers in a sound and effective manner.

But before diving into the benefits of toll free numbers for startups, let’s understand what toll free number is, at first place.

Toll Free Numbers 

According to the definition of the Federal Communications Commission, “Toll free numbers are telephone numbers with distinct three-digit codes that incur charges to the called party rather than the calling party.”

Thus, the toll free numbers allow callers to reach the businesses without being charged anything.

Now let’s take a look at why startup businesses must deploy toll free numbers as a communication tool.

Improving Customer Retention

One of the main challenges that you, as a startup, might face, is withholding your customers to your products and services.

As an emerging business, your primary focus must lie on connecting with maximum customers and also retaining them.

Toll free numbers enable you to fulfill this need by being “within reach of your customers.” It means that your business must be accessible to all your customers. Toll free numbers act as a free of cost medium for your clients which they can use to reach you anytime and from anywhere. Also, it allows your startup to interact with the customers and listen to their feedback directly.

Gaining Investors’ Trust

Most startups aim to attract venture capitalists or banks to obtain more financing after the seed capital.

But here, it is essential to understand the fact that neither of them is willing to invest a large amount of money in an idea that potentially exists only on paper (unless it comes from a renowned serial entrepreneur).

The concept of using toll free numbers or business phone numbers in your startup can sound like a concrete business plan that you aim to operate in the long run. Also, it gives the impression that your business may achieve a global reach.

Thus, to be precise, incorporating toll free numbers with your startup may attract investors, angel investors, or other companies.

Effective Marketing Tool 

Toll free numbers can serve as a useful marketing tool for your startups and can help you track the analytical data. It also lets the startups manage and organize the calls efficiently.

You may deploy various platforms for advertising like print media, billboards, online ads, radio, and so on. So, it might become ambiguous for you to analyze that which platform is giving you the desired results.

Toll free numbers provide the facility for generating campaign extensions that can be analyzed. This can help you give an idea of what’s working and what’s not working, thereby giving the scope of improvements. Here, toll free numbers act as a useful tool for marketing that enhances your business sales as well as ROI.

Relocating Office Setup

Being a new business, you may think of relocating your office setup to a better place or may move to a more abundant office compound in the initial days of a startup.

Toll free numbers allow you to relocate your business without any hassle. This means that you can move your business to any other physical location and keep the old phone number for conversation. This is possible as the calls are simply forwarded to your phone or any other phone that you will allow.

Thus, toll free numbers provide you complete business flexibility to relocate to any place while continuing the same number for business conversations with your customers.

Easy To Remember

While the toll free numbers are the one-stop solution for your startup, they provide an additional benefit of being “easy to memorize.”

For example, in the toll free number – 1800-XXX-XXXX, the first four numbers (1800) represent the country code; the next three numbers remain constant while the service provider provides the following four numbers.

The simplicity of these numbers makes them memorizable, and customers can retain it in their memory. Thus, frequently using toll free numbers becomes much more convenient and more accessible.

Apart from the advantages as mentioned above, toll free number can be of greater use for your startup that is,

  • Instant activation
  • Come with call recording feature
  • CRM Integration
  • Easy management of calls
  • Extensive analytics reports
  • Vanity number (these are numbers that can be easily remembered and can have customizable names as per the business requirement, for example ‘1800-XXX-FreeMeal’ can be used as a toll free vanity number for online food business.

To Conclude –

Infant businesses have a lot of responsibilities when it comes to establishing their startups. Therefore, it is essential to adopt sustainable and long term goals and keep in mind the customers’ requirements.

In this competitive world of new emerging startups, your business needs an effective communication tool that shortens the gap between you and the customers. Besides, also provides your brand a global recognition. Thus, having toll free numbers for your growing startup is a must in today’s times.

Does your startup have a toll free number? If not, then get your toll free numbers today and give your business a sales and ROI boost.

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