5 Ways to Become a Better Digital Marketer In 2020

Digital marketing is a field that is expected to grow and take tremendously huge steps towards the future. With all the different advancements and changes in trends, the individual people, along with the businesses in question, currently need to make the market their priority. Many e-commerce players like Amazon is making use of the market place with the help of a vast search engine machine, i.e., Google and is testing out different angles towards shopping by gradually enhancing the experience, etc.

Increasing the leverage of the customer in different ways is always a favourable option, and this is achieved by rolling out algorithm updates. With increases in technology, you are bow enabled to do Voice searches even in different Vernaculars. You can witness this growth very closely by the year 2020.

Become Exceptional In Digital Marketing

With the increased need for understanding the importance of Digital Marketing, there is also a need of becoming better at it. Take the difficult leap of moving with the trend and watch your company shoot up to glory! Let us take a quick and easy look into the ways in which you could become more than competent at digital marketing.

The first step is the Integration of Technology with Marketing, which also includes the following:

  • An End To End Customer Experience – The first thing that every business organization needs to realize is how important it is for them to combine the different marketing insights with the technology they have or make use of. The realization they are experiencing is of extreme importance to the customer’s experience and what value it holds to your business. Artificial Intelligence will be playing a significant role here where it will help by joining hands to provide an entire customer experience.
  • Automation In Marketing – Who does not prefer personalized content? In today’s time, data is being more mainstream than before, and it also receives innumerable additional insights from this data. Each market will have to take a look into a more customized content if he wants to continue in this field. Thus, automating marketing strategies will be helping you to develop and also the strength to undergo a major change.
  • Invest In AR/VR – Marketers have been really pressured to evolve and make use of different kinds of AR and VR that can help in providing the customers with better work. Technology will help you to bring further changes in the ways in which you can collect data also. This ways the Marketers will have no choice but to bring in various innovative digital creations to improve the overall online experience of consumers.
  • Make Use Of Facebook AR Ads – Some major digital markets believe that AR has a lot to do with the workings in future.  These organisations can then easily communicate with the respective target audience and slowly introduce more product offerings on the basis of their purchasing patterns. Companies like Facebook have made use of this clever technique to provide different spaces to each separate platform. Each advertiser they decided to display their products by sending out different augmented reality feed ads. AR feed ads helps in increased experience of online shopping and it also helps in completely interactive.
  • Evolve In Measuring Store Visits Online – A business that is solely dependent on its online run, the main challenge is to keep a check on the number of visits it receives via promotions. Digital marketing with the experience in consumer behaviour will help in pushing the organisation with a digital tool that provides with accurate data each time.

Separate Budget for Marketplaces:

  • Amazon Will Emerge as a Big Player in Digital Marketing – Companies as big and widespread as Amazon has been able to create a record of a huge growth in its revenue in each quarter the previous year.  The level to which the intent of buying of every user has increased has helped in creating a huge platform for a Consumer Product client. Amazon with its huge steps towards growth has been evolving at a super fast rate and this shows how intimate and important it is for it to create a major mark in the field of digital marketing.
  • Invest in Amazon Automation Tool – If you are interested in becoming better tat digital marketing then you must try your best to become an investor at a company that is twice or thrice as big as yours. Advertisers at Amazon are making use of campaign ads and tools that are automated to double its efficiency in very less time.
  • Amazon SEO Optimisation – It has been observed that Amazon has been successful in reaching out to almost 56 percent customers via online shopping. Apart from this 56 percent, 51 percent of people make sure to cross check the value of almost ever object on Amazon before they make any purchase. This kind of a behaviour during search is expected to increase even more by the year 2020   This kind of consumer behaviour helps in coming face to face with the importance of incorporating the ‘Amazon optimisation’ in any e-commerce strategy.

Mastering Google Shopping:

  • A tremendous change is being expected in the field of Digital Marketing with Google Shopping and with this change; consumers stay alert to almost everything related to Google. A large company that holds maximum percent share of the online vertical is naturally the obvious choice who will make use of the SEO in question.  It is highly critical for every digital business to prepare a strong digital space.

Be Able To Adapt And Lead The Major Changes:

  • Voice Search – There is a huge demand on AI devices to make use of different voice-based apps and softwares today. With their rapid introduction into the world, digital marketers need to make more use of this advertising move in the future.  When you use such products, customers will automatically be able to find your work. The number of voice searches conducted by the people is on a steady increasing rate and will make a huge effect by 2020.
  • Supremacy Of Video – People today spend almost all their time watching videos or content on the television or any form of videos. This has already become highly trendy and this has naturally taken the current road towards digital marketing. Make use of this increasing trend of watching videos on Mobile and TV and advertise on these platforms for greater showcase.  If you aim at becoming a digital marketer, then your advertising strategies when based on a video content will become the next big thing in the world.

Importance of Digital Marketing

The area of Digital Marketing is expected to take a giant leap towards growth and development, almost at a growth rate of 32 percent CAGR. At this pace, it is expected to touch approximately INR 19,000 crore by the year 2020. According to the data provided via a survey by ET, the digital media spend will shoot up to 24 percent from 15 percent by 2020. All three verticals of Video, Search and Display are expected to have their share of considerable growth rate, with 38 percent, 25 percent, and 36 percent respectively.

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Written by Hannah Thomas

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