6 Trends and Technologies in Material Handling Industry

Material handling industry is experiencing rapid growth over the recent years, and it is no different in 2019. Following these changes is not an easy task, but if you wish to remain competitive, you must adapt quickly. Here are some of the trends in the material handling industry you need to look out for:

A Changing Workforce

One of the more noticeable trends in material handling industry is the aging workforce. Many reliable, experienced workers are on the brink of retirement, and consequently, it is much harder to find qualified candidates to fill their spots. The direction where this industry is going suggests that business owners will need to adapt to the market and hire workers that haven’t been much included so far in this field, like women, individuals with disabilities, or people under 35.

More Women in the Industry

As mentioned above, more women will find their place in the material handling business. Many of them have already established themselves in this field. Although males dominate this industry, nowadays it is not uncommon to find more and more female workers, who are beginning to fill roles in almost every aspect of the industry, like management, research, and development. Since this is traditionally male industry, hiring women to take some of the responsibilities often results in higher work output. Women bring a fresh, energetic approach, combined with high workplace engagement and eagerness to learn.

The Rise of E-Commerce

Online shopping, and e-commerce, in general, have skyrocketed in the last couple of years. This growth will undoubtedly affect material handling businesses. More and more companies are giving e-commerce a go, and as a result, they need to optimize their warehouses to respond to this new trend accordingly. New systems that allow tracking of the shipments and inventory need to be introduced, to make the process shipping and storing a breeze. Also, there’s a growing need for dependable and high-quality handling and sorting machinery. Conveyor belt equipment, like Belle Banne has to offer, will help streamline and speed up the process of inventory management.

Automation is Taking Over

Almost every industry is taking advantage of technological advancements. Automating processes and implementing new and innovative technologies yields better results, both in speeding up the production, and lowering the overall costs. Many people working in this industry fear that these machines will be replacing them shortly. However, the truth is, these innovations only open up new job opportunities, for engineers, developers, operators, and technicians who need to handle these machines. And since the prices of these gadgets have dropped over the last couple of years, we can expect that more and more businesses will be trying this approach very soon.

Raised Awareness About Sustainability

Industry leaders are becoming increasingly aware of the necessity of creating a sustainable work environment. These concerns are affecting all aspects and levels of material handling business. Most of them have already begun incorporating green solutions to reduce their impact on the environment. Since customers nowadays have a much deeper understanding of the environmental impact of the manufacturers, they expect the companies to reduce their carbon footprint and the negative effects on our surroundings. The material handling industry will likely develop entirely accepted metrics and standards for approaching this issue in the next couple of years.

It is Growing Fast

Material handling equipment can find its use in many industries, almost any you can imagine. And with the rapid growth of e-commerce and online shopping, the need for organized and efficient storages and warehouses will only grow. The need for faster and more efficient sorting and deploying of goods has vastly increased the demand for this type of equipment. Since this trend won’t stop any time soon, it is safe to say that the material handling industry is safe in the foreseeable future.

Staying informed and on top of your game is imperative if you want to be a significant player in your industry. This applies to material handling as well. Changes in technology and fluctuation of workforce force you always to expect the unexpected and stay on your toes. Embracing these changes and not fighting them is the best way to come out as a winner in this business!

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Written by Patrick Adams

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