8 Reasons You Should Consider Installing Impact Windows

If you’re a homeowner in Florida, you’re all too familiar with how extreme the weather can get in the Sunshine State. Hurricane Charlie, Hurricane Wilma, Hurricane Michael, and Hurricane Irma – these are the names of the tropical cyclones that have hit Florida in just the last couple of decades, leaving a trail of destruction in their wake. Over the last couple of decades or so, these storms have wreaked immense havoc on the Sunshine State of Florida, causing billions of dollars’ worth of property damage.

Our point is that residents of Florida know that it’s their job to protect their home from the ever-present threat of hurricane damage. And one of the best ways you can protect your home is by installing impact resistant windows. If you’re considering replacing your home’s existing windows, here are eight reasons why you should opt for impact windows.

Lasting Protection against Storms

Next to doors, the windows are the most common entrance points for rain and winds triggered by severe weather. If the windows break during the storm, the gale-force winds carrying debris and projectiles will enter your home, increasing the risk of property damage and injuries.

Impact resistant storm windows give you permanent protection against hurricane and storm damage, which means that you don’t have to go scramble to put shutters on your window every time a hurricane warning is issued. They’re designed to withstand high-force winds and prevent debris and projectiles from entering the building.

Extend the Life of Your HVAC System and Reduces Energy Bills

Compared to standard glass windows, impact windows have much superior insulation capabilities. In winters, they prevent the warm air from escaping your home, and in summers, they keep the cool air trapped inside. This means that your HVAC system doesn’t have to work overtime to maintain a desired temperature in your home. This reduced stress slashes your maintenance expenses and extends the life of your HVAC system. This improved capability to retain climate-controlled air also translates into lower energy bills.

Add Value to Your Home

Thinking about putting your home up for sale anytime soon? Well, installing impact windows is a great way to add to its existing value. These windows are particularly desirable to home buyers in Florida, where the threat of storm is always imminent. According to the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation (FLOIR), nearly a million policy holders filed claims for property damage caused by Hurricane Irma. The estimated insurance losses amounted to over $9.7 billion.

Boost Your Home’s Curb Appeal

In addition to being a great way for improving your home’s safety, installing impact windows also adds instant curb appeal to your home. Unlike regular glass windows which deteriorate quite fast, impact windows have much higher scratch resistance, and can look beautiful for years.

Provide Protection against Intruders

While impact windows are primarily designed to offer protection against storms, they can also protect your home from intruders and burglars. Their sturdy, thick construction means they are incredibly hard to break.

Noise Reduction

The superior thickness and insulation capabilities of impact windows mean that they can act as an excellent noise barrier as well. If you live in an area where noise pollution is an issue, installing impact windows is a great way to bring some peace into your life.

Insurance Premium Discounts

While the higher level of safety is enough reason for most homeowners to install impact resistant windows in their homes, it’s worth noting that this enhanced safety also provides homeowners the benefit of lowering their insurance premiums.

Confused? Well, it’s quite simple. When you replace your regular windows with impact resistant ones, the risk of your home sustaining damage during a storm is significantly reduced. And that lower risk translates into a reduction in the amount you pay to your insurance company.

Protection against the Sun’s UV Rays

It’s quite common knowledge that the sun’s ultra violet rays can be extremely dangerous for your health. Excessive exposure to UV rays can cause sunburn, pigmentation, and even cancer, which is why it’s important to have windows that can provide adequate protection against these harmful rays. Furthermore, the UV radiation from the sun can also affect the carpets, wood, and fabrics inside your home.

While there are UV protection window films available on the market, these generally have a short lifespan and stop being effective after a while. Impact resistant windows, on the other hand, have UV-protection film integrated into the glass. This means that they can continue to be effective for years and years, before needing to be replaced.

Bio: This blog post has been written by the team at Alcon Windows & Doors, who are one of the leading vendors of hurricane impact windows and doors in Miami

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