5 Signs Your Windows and Doors Need Repairs

Your home doesn’t talk to you, but it sure does give you signs when it needs attention. The windows of your house happen to be particularly vocal. Windows aren’t meant to last forever, however, when you install high-quality ones they can last a couple of decades or more.

The longevity of windows depends on several external factors, including the climate of the city; windows in coastal areas tend to age a lot faster than windows in dry locations like Los Angeles.

If you’ve had your windows for more than 10 years, keep an ear out what they have to say…they could be telling you it’s time for them to be replaced!

Here are some signs your windows and doors need to be replaced:

They’re Damaged

Depending on how bad the damage on your door or window is, it may be reparable. If your window has minor issues such as worn out weatherstripping or a broken lock, it can easily be repaired. But if there’s a large crack on the window of your living room, then it’ll probably have to be replaced.

Do you really want your kids running around a room with a large, flimsy glass window that can fall break at any time? Cracked windows can break into large shards of glass due to the exposure of destructive winds; you’re putting your family at risk by not replacing a cracked window.

Even when windows are working properly, they can still develop problems. If you feel a draft on the edges of your window, they’re likely becoming loose from the frame. Sliding windows that don’t open and close easily will probably have to be replaced too because they’ve worn out.

Your Energy Bills Are High 

energy-efficient window

In the wintertime, your home windows are supposed to help maintain heat in the house. Windows with loose edges will let the draft in from outside, causing your energy bills to increase by 10-25%. Installing energy-efficient windows can bring down your heating and cooling bills significantly.

Also, if you’re considering selling your home, installing energy-efficient windows can help you charge more.

Before you go ahead and install energy-efficient windows, consider your specific needs. Depending on where you live, simply installing new windows may not be the best solution. Cities that are vulnerable to hurricanes require sturdy, impact windows that provide protection against destructive winds.

Impact windows are much thicker than traditional windows and don’t pull apart from their frame on impact. In cities like Key West, Miami, and Tampa, it makes sense to invest in impact windows instead of traditional ones.

Your Home Needs A Facelift

You can paint the walls of your home and fill it with the trendiest furniture, but you won’t be able to achieve the complete look without giving your windows a much-needed makeover.

Because windows are constantly exposed to the elements, they tend to wear out a lot more easily than other parts of the house. If your window panes look worn out, you should get them replaced.

The windows and doors of your house impact the longevity of its structure. The style of window you choose should complement the interiors of your house. The way your windows open determine the flow of air and the amount of natural light in your house.

You Just Had a Storm

Storms can do immense damage to your homes. People who live in areas that are vulnerable to hurricanes often have to deal with damaged windows.

Homeowners in coastal cities specifically have to spend extra money on fixing their exteriors. Higher levels of humidity, sea salt, and even coastal winds can do a number on your windows and exterior doors.

If you’re living in such areas, consider getting impact windows that are made of thick fiberglass to prevent them from denting, chipping, peeling and cracking due to harsh weather conditions. These windows also require less maintenance than their cheaper counterparts.

You’re Refurbishing an Old House

Homeowners that have bought an old property will have to replace their windows. Even if they want to keep the antique aesthetic of their historic home, the windows will still have to be replaced with new ones.

When renovating a historic property, you’ll have to take into consideration the aesthetic you’re trying to go for. Replace flimsy old windows with modern ones that classic designs; these will meet your functional and aesthetic needs.

Look for a window installation company that either has a wide selection of styles or handles custom requests. An experienced window installation company can help you decide the best types of windows for your specific location.

The author of this guest post is a contributor for Alcon Windows a window and doors installation company based in Miami. Their services include installation and repairs of stylish and sturdy impact windows and doors. The company can be contacted at 305.553.0229. 

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