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6 Great Tips for Refurbishing Commercial Kitchen

Before starting it is important to realize that a commercial kitchen is very different from that, we have at our homes. You simply cook for 3-10 people at home while commercial kitchens can be used to make food for more than 200 people at once. It is counted as a place of work. Commercial kitchens are designed to be used efficiently by catering professionals, restaurants, cafes, hotels, etc.
We all know that a commercial kitchen is the heart of any food enterprise so it is important that it has all the right facilities to make the business a huge success. Now today we are going to discuss some of the things that might give you just the right idea about how to go about refurbishing your commercial kitchen.
The help of a Specialist
Expert advice is always valuable in matters such as these so you don’t stress yourself too much. But before that, you have to think and set up a budget for yourself and then stick with it throughout the process. After that, you can start by either selecting the design on your own or take help from the specialist. Discuss different patterns of work in your kitchen and how the new design can make it better. Specialist Company can also help you while considering important matters such as ventilation, lighting and other equipment.

It is important to ensure that all the areas of the kitchen are used wisely and you don’t lose out on space. Like every department, kitchens are also allotted with limited space, so it all comes down to how efficiently you are using the given space without making the environment of the kitchen too stuffy. Every station should be set in a way that it brings out maximum potential and makes working easier like the chopping station should be close to the cooking area, drying area close to sink, etc.

Make-shift kitchen
If you’re thinking that you can refurbish your kitchen while using it for its purpose then you’re making a mistake. Before the work starts, it is vital that you find another place where you can shift or things can get messy. By doing this, you will also be helping the contractors to complete the work more quickly. If due to some reason you’re not able to make arrangements for a make-shift kitchen then what you can do is, set up a partition in which one side of the kitchen will undergo changes and another part can be used for its function. It will also prevent the dust particles from entering into the operational kitchen. You do not want to serve your customers anything with dirt on it right?

Right Equipment
In this modern era of technology, there are so many types of commercial kitchen equipment available in the market that makes it easy to get confused between what you like and what you actually need. Some of the products almost seem to be overqualified while some just meet the average standard. But you need to have quality equipment in your kitchen to not face problems every other day. So, it is important that you invest your time to do proper research before investing your money. You can also discuss your choices with your specialist to get another opinion. Also, before buying anything, make sure to measure everything so that you don’t end up buying something that won’t move through stairs or tight doorways.

Everyone who works in a kitchen even at home knows the importance of plumbing. Issues with it can make working all the more difficult. So, it is necessary that it is correctly planned and integrated into your newly refurbished kitchen without any problems. Ensure that if the changes made are acceptable with the old plumbing system, if not, then make the required changes.

24-hour services
This is another way to get the work done more quickly and efficiently. All you have to do is shut down your kitchen for a few days and hire a team that will work 24*7 to make your well-organized kitchen. This way you will also ensure the safety of your employees and customers. It might cost you a little more because of shutting down but don’t forget about the time and days you’re going to save once the work is finished.

Always remember that the main aim is to provide your employees with a well-organized workplace so that they don’t face any major difficulty while using it. And also, make sure that throughout the task, you and your contractor are on the same page because a single incident of bad communication can lead to a bigger problem for the future. Ensure that all the people working are licensed and best in their fields. Pay attention to small details so as to not miss anything.

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