Joining Exclusive Wine Clubs Online: How You Can Benefit

Ask any regular Aussie fellow what he thinks about his wine and he will say, keep your eyes off MY wine! That’s how most of us are, we love our wine beyond how we can explain through words. Our Aussie winemakers only add fuel to our taste buds with their delicious wines. Then there are exclusive wine clubs that let us have our favourite wines at much reduced prices. Our Australian wines are indeed top-notch, which is now a proven fact too, thanks to the many global awards these beauties have won over the past many years.

As one of the youngest winemaking countries, we sure have come a long way. Bless the man who brought these fine beauties here the first time! He gave us a new purpose in life, a purpose we so love and cherish to this day. A quick look at the Australia map will show you just how many wineries we have based all across our country. There are numerous online and physical stores as well where you can always find your kind of wine. Online stores are often a better option, since they have a wider variety of wines listed with them and can usually offer greater benefits than the physical store.

Online wine clubs

While shopping for your favourite wine online, you must also keep an eye for exclusive wine clubs. These clubs are actually special packages that can get you additional benefits on your favourite wines without you needing to pay anything extra. Even if you are asked to pay extra, you can stay assured to receive a lot more than what you invest. Different companies have different plans listed, so you must go through as many of them as possible before finally settling down with the best one for you.

Preferred exclusive wine clubs

Despite you having the option to access to many exclusive wine clubs, you can easily figure out some of them that offer a lot more than most of the rest. Trophy Club by Just Wines is one of those plans where you can assure yourself of receiving a number of additional benefits without needing to pay anything extra at all. There are a number of plans available under the Trophy club, which gives you more than one option to choose a plan comprising your favourite wine type and not get random deliveries.

Exclusive benefits of joining Trophy Club

  • Zero Joining Fee: There is absolutely no fee you need to pay for joining the Trophy Club. For signing up, you just have to place an order for any of the available packs. This will automatically enable your registration.
  • Free Shipping/Home Delivery: There is always a standard fee when you buy wine from of the exclusive wine clubs using the World Wide Web. However, under the Trophy Club advantage, you get free shipping, not only on a Trophy Club order but all other orders too, just like that.
  • Exclusive offers: Every now and then you can also expect emailers with higher discounts on all wines, something that’s just not available so often for a regular customer.
  • Personalised services: As a Trophy Club member you can choose to receive your preferred wine types on a monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly basis. Before every delivery, you will also receive a call from the customer service division to schedule the delivery as per your convenience. If you still have the last stock pending you can also request to defer the delivery without needing to explain anything at all.
  • New wines: Expect to receive a fresh set of different wines (of your chosen type only) in your next home delivery.
  • Easy membership cancellation: At any time, if you aren’t happy with the Trophy Club advantage, you can opt out, no questions asked.

So what are you waiting for? Surprise yourself and those you care by joining one of the most exclusive wine clubs today and start reaping it the benefits that come along.

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Written by James Clarke

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