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School Backpack Alert: Risks And Tips

Backpacks are absolutely handy when used rightly. They reflect a child’s personality and give them a sense of style and comfort while going to school. They also help hold numerous items that may be required to get through the day at school. They are being held by the shoulder, and abdominal muscles which are the strongest in the human body and so are a great instrument to hold books and papers without straining the backs. But there are certain things to keep in mind, which if not followed, might lead to an injury or muscle cramps. Here is our curated list of risks and tips to find the right backpack and also get over any problem that may have risen from using it :

  • RISKS :  
  1. Heavy school backpack carrying can cause back pains and backaches. Although back injury can be possible due to some other reason, most of the kids in recent times get the problem of backaches due to heavy backpacks.
  2. Kids must carry only 10% of their body weight in their backpacks. But most kids are seen carrying the whole week’s worth of books and other school supplies around all day long leading to severe backaches and other injuries.
  3. Some kids are also seen carrying their extra heavy backpacks on one shoulder. This is not a good way to use the backpack as it will lead to severe pain and muscle cramps. It is always advisable to spread the weight evenly all over the body. It will also lead to lower back pain and cramps in the neck and shoulders.
  4. Carrying heavy school backpacks also lead to having a bad posture. Younger kids who tend to carry more weight then usual will carry the bag in a tilted position. It doesn’t hug around their body and will lead to having a bad posture chronically.
  5. Heavy backpacks, even the light ones like the backpacks for girls, can lead to bumping them against each other at school, have the risk of tripping on such huge bags also might lead to the falling of the kid who is carrying it.
  • TIPS :
  1. Usage of the backpacks must be limited. Don’t load them too much with unnecessary things. The best way to reduce load would be to carry the books that are needed for the class only on that particular day.
  2. Try and use the lockers as much as possible. If you don’t need a particular book and it is quite heavy, leave it in the locker, and it can be used for class the next day. Leave the books in the locker if they are needed only for classroom purposes. This will reduce the load on your backpack.
  3. Don’t carry unnecessary items in the backpack. Try not to load your backpack with laptops and cell phones when they are not required for class that day.
  4. Strap the backpack around your body in the right way. Don’t use just one strap and put it on the shoulder. It will cause severe muscle pain.

Follow these tips, and you will be able to keep the kid’s body healthy and safe from the heaviness of the backpacks.

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Written by rosie joy

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