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Take Instant Credit Card from ICICI Banks

ICICI Bank offers a range of credit cards suiting the needs of different individuals. These credit cards range from premium cards to everyday lifestyle cards. There are contactless credit cards also which are offered by ICICI Bank. These credit cards from ICICI Bank are next-generation credit cards which speed up the process of financial transaction. If you want to apply for one of the bank’s credit cards, you don’t have to be an existing customer of the bank. ICICI Bank allows non-customers to avail their credit cards. Individuals would just have to meet the eligibility criteria prescribed by the bank to be able to avail ICICI credit cards. Here are the eligibility requirements which the bank prescribes for its cards –

  • Minimum income requirement: You have to have a minimum earning to become eligible for ICICI credit cards. Salaried individuals should have a minimum take home income of INR 12, 000 per month. For self-employed individuals, the minimum net income per month should be INR 25, 000
  • Credit score: Besides having the minimum monthly income, your eligibility is also judged on the basis of your credit score. If you have a good credit score, which is 700 and above, you can get ICICI credit cards in an instant. For bad or low credit scores, credit card approval takes time and, in some cases, credit cards might not be allowed.
  • Age: There is a requirement for minimum age too. Though the minimum age depends on the type of credit card you choose, the average age for application of the credit cards is 21 years. Only if you are 21 years and above but below 58 years can you apply for a credit card from ICICI Bank.
  • Existing relationship with the bank: Though ICICI offers a credit card to every individual if you are an existing customer of the bank you can avail a credit card quite easily. This is because when you are an existing customer of the bank, the bank is aware of your financial position and can offer its credit cards to you easily.

If you fulfill the above-mentioned eligibility criteria you can apply and get an ICICI credit card. You would have to submit some of your documents to get the card. These documents include the following –

  • An identity proof which can be a copy of your PAN Card, driving license, passport or your voter’s ID card
  • A proof of your address which can be a copy of your passport, bank statement, rent agreement, voter’s id card, ration card or your utility bills
  • A proof of your income which would be the last three months’ salary slips if you are a salaried employee along with the bank statement of the last six months. If you are self-employed, the income tax returns of your business in the last few years, financial accounts and a proof of business continuity would be required.

Instant credit cards from ICICI Bank            

Besides the range of credit cards which are available to all, ICICI Bank also offers a range of instant credit cards. These credit cards are issued online in an instant. Prequalified individuals can log into their net banking or mobile app, update their details and get a credit card in minutes. Existing ICICI Bank customers who fulfil specified eligibility criteria can apply for these credit cards. The process is called Credit Card InAFlash which is a paperless way to issue a credit card. The card number is issued instantly online while the physical card is then posted to the cardholder in a week. Transactions can be done once the card number is generated online. These cards promise various attractive offers including 50% cashback, up to a maximum of INR 500, for any online transaction done using the card within 7 days of the generation of the credit card number.

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So, if you want to avail a credit card from ICICI Bank, know the eligibility requirement. If you fulfill the eligibility conditions, apply for your chosen credit card and submit the required documents. The bank would analyze your application and issue the credit card at the earliest. Some credit cards have a joining fee which you would have to pay for getting the card. If you are an existing customer and qualify for cards InAFlash, apply and avail a credit card online within minutes. ICICI  Bank credit cards are rewarding and they have something for everyone. So, choose your card and enjoy the world of cashless transactions.

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Written by Bhavna Singhal

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