Top 5 Sanitaryware That Can Complete Your Bathroom

Your bathroom should be a sanctuary where you can relax and feel that tension slipping away. However, if it does not have essential sanitaryware, that dream can quickly turn into a nightmare.

Simply put, the best sanitaryware is any product in your bathroom that is plumbed in and which enhances its functionality. Here are the top types that should be in your list while you are having yours remodeled:

A Water Closet and Push Button Toilet Flush

This plumbing fixture may sound fancy but it can change your life for the better. A water closet is a fixture that stores a specific amount of water in a plastic or a china tank which is then released into the toilet bowl. In other words, it’s basically just another term for gravity flush toilet.

A water closet is also a small room that houses a toilet. It is an ideal addition for your bathroom if you value your privacy and share it with family members or a roommate. Whether you go for an open toilet or the closet variety, make sure it is fitted with a push-button toilet flush rather than the conventional (not to mention breakable) cistern lever. The concealed buttons add a sleek look to the toilet and the best part is that you can choose from a dual or single one based on your needs.

Pedestal Sink

A pedestal sink is the purest form of a sink you can have in your modern bathroom especially if you are a minimalist. That’s because it does not allow clutter or have enough counter space that your housemates can dump their toiletries on.

As the name implies, a pedestal sink only has a basin that is mounted on a pedestal. Charming in its simplicity, it is composed of two separate components that are attached when it is set up. The top part is called the lavatory which collects water in the basin and the lower one is the vertical pedestal which supports it.

Bathroom Vanity Unit

If you have a lot of cleaning supplies or toiletries that you need to use daily, you need a bathroom vanity unit in your life. These cabinets are topped with a sink and can be used for extra storage making them an ideal fixture in bathrooms.

If you have a small bathroom, consider getting wall-mounted or floating vanities to make the space look bigger than it actually is. The space beneath the unit will add visual depth and provide extra space for a tasteful accessory such as a basket of artificial flowers.

Drain Traps

If you are enjoying a warm and soothing shower, the last thing you want to experience is the smell of raw sewage. This is where plumbing drain traps or P traps can come in handy. This is installed under the shower tray and it is designed to hold a small amount of water to prevent odors from wafting into the unit. It also prevents water from backing up and directs it into the overflow pipe.

It is this backflow that prevents sewer gas from entering your bathroom. If not prevented on time, the gas can prove to be poisonous and can even ignite. Since the drain comes with a small cleanout tap, you can remove clogs on time or before it is too late.

Linear Shower Drains

If you are looking for a more sustainable or sleeker shower drain solution, linear shower drains can prove quite useful. These come in grated and tile insert designs, both of which are pleasing to the eye and can fit right into any bathroom design. The latter are more popular because they create a seamless and clean finish in the shower recess without compromising the existing tile work.

However, make sure to consult with a professional plumber before having linear shower drains installed. Your current plumbing may need to be readjusted to accommodate the drains.

About the Author

Brad Hucksby is the lead technician for MP Moran and Sons Limited and who has years of experience in the plumbing and home renovation industry. With his help, the sanitaryware manufacturer has flourished to become the go-to supplier for the building trade in and around London.

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