Understand Cultural Difference to Establish Strong Business Presence in Spanish

In the global business marketplace, it is hard to undermine the importance of multi-cultural communication. Managing multi-cultural expectations of global customers is a hard nut to crack. Simply by providing the comfort of local language, businesses can communicate effectively with international customers but cannot win their hearts. For instance, there are chances that your Spanish call center agents speaking proficiently in Spanish language with Spaniards but are unable to create positive impression or set an example of exemplary customer services. Unable to understand why it is so? It is because the agents are sidelining the importance of understanding cultural differences and not are adhering to the cultural practices.

Importance of Understanding Cultural Nuances

Cultural awareness is not a new mantra of establishing successful relationship with international customers. It is a standard practice existing since age-old times. The classic example of the same is East India Company. In the 17th century, when the East India Company started spicing trading in India, they considered Indian cultural values to stay afloat in the Indian market. Indeed, the company survived as well as thrived well. However, at that point of time, competition was not stiff which work favorably for the company.

Of late, companies are facing stiff competition not only with International companies but even local companies are posing a big threat. Reason being, these companies possess sound knowledge about the culture and know how locals react on particular matter. So, the moot point is if you are running multilingual call center and want to achieve business objectives by serving Spanish speaking markets exceptionally well, remain sensitive to their cultural values.

Keys to Create Cross-Cultural Understanding

The first step is awareness. Develop an understanding about Spanish culture, business traditions and etiquettes. Observe their method of communication, business greetings, etc.

Well-acquaint yourself with the geographical facts. It is quite embarrassing that a business is planning expansion strategy in the Spanish market and not aware about the facts like historical data, industries serving, economic issues to name a few.

Work hard on building cultural rapport. For instance, stick to your words while offering customer support to Spaniards. Similarly, learn about their business working hours and national holidays and give strict instructions to agents to call during business hours only. It is prudent to come out of your comfort zone for winning the trust of international customers.

The bottom line is a business should comprehend the fact that it is competing in the global business marketplace where there is no dearth of service providers.  Taking cultural tendencies of different nations for granted will not help in achieving business objectives and establishing strong presence in the international market.

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Written by Jyoti Chauhan

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