What Are the Different Types of Factory Signs?

Factory signage happens to be an integral part of businesses because they are like communicating tools and they ensure a safer work environment by marking out the areas with possible hazards or potential improvement areas for employees. In this article, you will read about some of the different types of factory signs that are used in industrial areas today.

Admittance Signs

These show which people are allowed to enter specified locations or areas. Often, these types of signs are used along with other types. For example, you can find it being included on a caution sign or warning sign or a sign with some other header.

Surround Shapes

These include:

  • Information
  • Prohibition
  • Mandatory actions
  • Hazard alerting

Factories often use to convey quickly the main purpose of putting a safety sign, whereas other elements offer greater detail about the particular messages. For those factory signs that convey prohibited actions, there is a need for a prohibition surround shape. This shape is recognized by most individuals as a black or red circle, comprising of a diagonal slash.

Biological Hazard Signs

These factory signs are used for showing the potential or actual presence of a biohazard or for the identification of various objects – such as containers, equipment or tools that can be contaminated with some hazardous agents and pose health risks for a person.

Fire Safety Signs

These are safety signs, used often for labeling the spot where fire extinguishers and other types of emergency equipment are located. Such types of signs do not include the instructions for operating safety equipment. Rather, they only mark where emergency equipment is located. This ensures that workers and staffs can access life-saving tools easily if there is a crisis situation.

Notice Signs

These are used for conveying general details associated with:

  • A machine
  • An area
  • A building
  • An equipment

Such types of signs are associated with practices not associated with cases of personal injury.

Safety Symbols

Safety symbols may be there on factory signs alone, provided that they are enough to communicate the message. These are used often along with other kinds of signs in order to provide people with a visual depiction that would accompany notifications and written text. Such kinds of symbols include everything, whether it comes to prohibited actions, required actions, directions or consequences or the impact of chemical exposure or coming in contact with some other hazards. It is also possible to use safety symbols in sequence, in order to visually depict a sequence of events.

Safety Instruction Signs

The factory sign should have a white backdrop, with the panel being green in color along with white letters. All the letters that are etched against this white backdrop need to be black.

Warning Signs

These stand for a hazard level standing between danger and caution, signifying a risk that could lead to death or severe injuries unless avoided in time.

General Safety Signs

These are used to convey essential safety procedures and directions, such as practices and rules for:

  • Medical equipment
  • Housekeeping
  • Sanitation
  • First aid

Danger Signs

These indicate the immediate hazards, which can lead to death or injury unless avoided. Warning Signs for corrosive materials are one such example. These factory signs must be in white, black and red color.

Caution Signs

These factory signs show the lowest level of hazards and suggest potentially hazardous situations that can lead to moderate or minor injuries unless avoided in time. These should have a yellow colored background along with black letters for all elements – whether texts or symbols – that are used against a yellow colored background. The panel should be black in color, along with yellow letters. 


After reading this article you must have understood the importance of factory signs that they encourage your commitment to safety issues. Factory signs will act like warning labels for employees and are highly beneficial for all. It can also reduce your responsibilities because it will keep you on the safe side. So you need to get factory signs from manufacturers available in Australia.

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Written by Zoe Sewell

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