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Why Animated Explainer Videos Always Work Well Towards Brand Promotion

There was a time when just writing down a chunk of paragraphs and printing it on papers in black and white was enough to spread the word out. After some time, the primary focus of marketing got transferred towards standees, print banners and TVCs and so they turn out to be the most affected and famous approach to promotional branding at that interval. Another major transition took the lead after the advent of the internet that came into our lives on the fly and scuffled everything upside down.

The wide-spread internet maze is ever saturated with the content made by almost every business or individual in the world to promote it online. It has been transformed into a massive servante by providing new ways to the marketers and businesses to promote their products or services.

Then comes the explanatory videos which altered our marketing tactics and strategies and showed us a new way out to engage the audience with much effectiveness. Explanatory videos are trending everywhere now. It is a great approach to express or deliver your message through an animated and aesthetically pleasing video which not only engage the audience but always work well towards branding.

To give you a better idea, I am going to list down few of the reasons why the animated explainer videos always work well in branding.


Ask any digital marketer and he will tell you that customer engagement is the essence of all the digital marketing activities. That is where the explanatory videos help out the marketers most. These explanatory video clips especially the 3D animated videos have proved to be a great hit for digital marketers as an online form of content promotion. Through these videos, the marketers are able to combine visual elements with sound and creative copies that portray your message in a way that creates the tendency to get a response from the visualizers.

The quality of explanatory videos is unique and nearly impossible to find in any other medium. Instead of using paid actors to develop a scenario just like the marketers do in the television commercial or in print advertisement to some extent, a designer with the sound knowledge of video editing software and a creative writer, you can engage more people towards your product than any TVC cannot do ever.

Imposes your brand:

The better means of communication you use the better it will impose you on the masses. Having a proper video which portrays your product in compelling ways drives different urges in the masses. It is a great way of hitting the emotional side of the consumer minds instead of making him go rationalize. Through this, you create a mark in the minds of the people about who you are and what you do. With the animated explanatory videos, you can address all the questions by the masses towards your product or the category in which you do business.

Brands with prominent existence in the market have achieved the next level of branding with the explanatory videos. Now, not only the logo and colors represent any brand but explanatory videos on monotonous themes have also become the identification of the brands due to a larger number of videos played on the social media channels than any other medium of marketing.

Give more eyes to watch:

The number of video views on an average is increasing all across the social media platforms. Being in the digital marketing is all about conveying or making more and more people to see your content on the internet. In that perspectives, the videos proved to be a vital essence of every digital marketing practice. It doesn’t matter if you are limited to social media marketing or SEO, your brand needs to release few videos which can deliver your message in the best way. Due to the larger number of people viewing videos on the internet, it has become necessary for every digital marketer to release at least one animated explanatory video every weak just to make yourself prominent in the eyes of the chunk viewers of videos.

Word of Mouth:

For most marketers, the success of marketing doesn’t count on how much sales you increase but how much fans you have created. The number of fans you create of your brand is directly linked to the marketers you have created. These people will work as a marketer of your brand whenever something about the niche of your business gets discuss anywhere. And again explanatory videos are the best way of achieving this.

One of the main reason why people hesitate to suggest anything to anyone is lack of knowledge about that product or service. The explanatory videos are the ideal answer to that. These videos can contain more content and information about your product. The video as a general makes you things remember more time than any picture or audio can do which is why through explanatory videos, it is much easier than you can create more fan of your brand who can do word of mouth job to you too.


Even if your videos are not that much intriguing or compelling enough to pass your message through word of mouth, then on the least people will get engage and share your videos on the social media platforms. For the icing on the cake, the stats of social media are also in the favor of explanatory videos. According to the biggest social media platform Facebook, the video content gets more shares than any other content on the internet whether it is simple text or images.

Increase conversion:

One of the biggest hurdles between a lead and conversion is the understanding of the product and trust of the brand. One more time the explanatory videos are here to help you. Conversions have always been the top objective of every marketing campaign. The amount of trust explanatory videos builds among the masses directly impact on your sales charts. After building trust, you can get the desired results from your customers. Even at least, if the customer doesn’t buy anything from you, he or she still can subscribe to your emails or newsletters which keep that person in touch with your brand that anytime can be converted into a buyer. According to stats, consumers who keep in touch with any brand through any means have the 20% to 60% tendency of turning into the customers which shows the brightest side of animated explanatory videos.

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Written by Dominic Lester

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