Online Learning: The Best Courses for Creative Souls

It’s not the books, the situations, the clichéd sayings rolled up in fortune cookies that matter, but what you glean from it all at the end, which enables you to reach your full potential and bring a positive change in the world.

So, how can you develop such a serviceable skill set? By expanding your learning avenues and thinking outside the strict box of academia.

You may not be able to learn EVERYTHING at your traditional educational institutions. But you can totally acquire comprehensive information on any subject you’re interested in over the internet. Online education marketplaces have made it possible for anyone with web access to get ready instruction from experts all over the world, practice their craft and come out looking like a champion.

There are actual websites like Udemy and Coursera which offer thousands of online courses for knowledge-seekers – students & full-time moms alike. Some you can access for free, others require a paid subscription. But the point is, you can learn anything and everything off the internet, provided you have a good connection, as offered by this provider. Once you’re ready, scroll through the following online courses which you can enroll in right away, and that are nothing short of amazing.

#1 For All You Storytellers Out There

Ever since humans could interact socially, they found the means to entertain themselves through storytelling. Whether these marvelous adventures were conveyed around the cave fire or on a Greek amphitheater’s stage, in the form of an acted drama or a written book, the stories found a way to live on. And even now, you can find traces of them in the movies and the cinematic films, which is the predominant form of storytelling today. If you’ve got a great movie script in mind, a boatload of talent in your possession, but can’t afford film school, then you can learn the art of screenwriting by taking an online course offered by CreativeLive for $39 only (limited time). It’s called ‘The Screenwriter’s Toolkit’.

#2 For All You Designers Out There

We’ve come a long way since the initial stop-motion drawings and the exhausting animation techniques of yore. Now, sophisticated software, like the Adobe Photoshop, has enabled us to take the game of designing to the next level. However, this gargantuan software comes with thousands of confusing tools, each unique in its own way. To fully grasp this mammoth tech on your own may not be as simple as it sounds. You need proper coaching which you can easily get online in the form of courses. Check out the full-fledged Adobe Photoshop CC guide on CreativeLive for a discounted price of $159 (limited time).

#3 For All You Entrepreneurs Out There

You have a mind-blowing idea for a business. You launch it virtually. But it flat-lines immediately. Why? Because you did not market it creatively enough. How do you think election candidates gain popularity? With tactful campaigning. That’s precisely what you have to do in order to sell your ideas and ensure the success of your startup. If you’re a budding entrepreneur and wish to learn the ins and outs of digital marketing, especially those crowdfunding/campaigning, then you can take the course on the same subject online. It’s available on CreativeLive for merely $39 (limited time).

#4 For All You Filmmakers Out There

Recording a video is one thing, but editing it is a completely different nightmare. You have to adjust the tones, the saturation, the text insertion, the transitions, and whatnot, just so you can reach that level of aesthetic perfection. It’s easy for anyone to get confused, frankly speaking. But there is a wonderful online course out there for all the amateur filmmakers. It goes by the name of ‘Final Cut Pro X Bootcamp’. You can learn about video editing from the basics to the higher levels. Catch it on CreativeLive right now for $159 (limited time).

So, as you can see, these online courses are one of the most effective channels for learning, which you can easily take advantage of, with just a little investment.

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Written by Rimsha Ather

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