5 Ways to Entertain Yourself When the Internet’s Down

It’s a beautiful, sunny day outside, and you’re planning to hit the beach. Get a good tan, play some volleyball, and let out your pent-up frustration. You’ve got everything ready, called up your friends, and just when you’re about to step out, curse your luck, it starts raining!

As the water droplets pitter-patter against the windowpane, you sadly bid goodbye to all those fun-filled outdoor plans. It’s not the first time an unforeseen shower has disappointed you.

You’re stuck at home, so why not surf the internet, and catch the latest season on Netflix? Chill in this chilly weather? Sounds like a good plan.

But, out of the blue, the storm goes on a whole other level of crazy and spews lightning in utter rage. This creates interference in the stream of your internet signals. Episode ten starts buffering, annoying you to the last degree. If only you’d subscribed to the reliable providers on Local Cable Deals, you wouldn’t have to face this problem in the first place. Anyways, a loud noise is heard from around the corner, and you find your dish/phone line going down. Whereas the signals were slow before, now they completely die out.

What to do now?

No sun to motivate you to go outside, no internet to help you stay inside.

This is where I step in with the following tech-oriented alternatives, which you can take up to wait out the internet-free rainy day.

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Written by Rimsha Ather

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