5 Ways to Entertain Yourself When the Internet’s Down

It’s a beautiful, sunny day outside, and you’re planning to hit the beach. Get a good tan, play some volleyball, and let out your pent-up frustration. You’ve got everything ready, called up your friends, and just when you’re about to step out, curse your luck, it starts raining!

As the water droplets pitter-patter against the windowpane, you sadly bid goodbye to all those fun-filled outdoor plans. It’s not the first time an unforeseen shower has disappointed you.

You’re stuck at home, so why not surf the internet, and catch the latest season on Netflix? Chill in this chilly weather? Sounds like a good plan.

But, out of the blue, the storm goes on a whole other level of crazy and spews lightning in utter rage. This creates interference in the stream of your internet signals. Episode ten starts buffering, annoying you to the last degree. If only you’d subscribed to the reliable providers on Local Cable Deals, you wouldn’t have to face this problem in the first place. Anyways, a loud noise is heard from around the corner, and you find your dish/phone line going down. Whereas the signals were slow before, now they completely die out.

What to do now?

No sun to motivate you to go outside, no internet to help you stay inside.

This is where I step in with the following tech-oriented alternatives, which you can take up to wait out the internet-free rainy day.

#1 Let TV Come to Your Rescue

While it pours outside, you can huddle up on a soft couch with your sibling, and watch the news, sports, fashion channels or a movie on HBO. However, if your cable connection is being disrupted by the weather as well, then no need to despair. You can always order movies in the form of old-fashioned DVDs and play them on your TV. Other than that, you can dig up the old family videotapes stored in the attic, and enjoy taking the road down the memory lane.

#2 Organize Video Game Marathons

If you’re not into movies, then you can hook up your TV with gaming consoles like PS4 OR XBOX, and have a marvelous marathon. So what if you’re not able to play sports outside? You can totally invite your friends over and have a go at electronic sport in the form of FIFA. Get competitive and score goals with your controllers. Sounds fun, right?
In case FIFA doesn’t interest you, then you can play thrilling games, like Tekken and Wrestle Mania, etc. Throttle your opponent with your amazing combat skills. Or you can hit the nostalgia button with the old Sega games, and other shooting ones like ‘The House of the Dead’, played on a PC. With games such as these, you won’t even feel the cold depression brought in by the rain.

#3 Make Long-Awaited Phone Calls

It’s been quite some time since you last used your home phone. Mostly Grandma, and occasionally your aunt makes phone calls with the landline. Who would even use that cumbersome device when the internet’s eased up the whole process of instant communication? Touch an icon and make a video call. As simple as that. But what about the days when there is no internet? How would you contact your loved ones then?
With your home phone, that’s how. Even during the most severe of storms, it keeps on running using its emergency backup power. So, it’s time to pick up the receiver, dial the buttons and make that phone call to your cousins and pals. Time passes smoothly when you’re chatting.

#4 Go for Literary Pursuits

Rain inspires catharsis. When too many water vapors get accumulated in the upper troposphere and the sky can’t hold them in any more, it cries and projects forth rain all over the earth. This is how it gains relief. You can adopt this principle and get inspired by the rain too. How? By writing your most deeply settled thoughts on the electronic journal in your tablet, and in the process, gaining a huge amount of relaxation.
If writing’s not your thing, then you can read eBooks on Kindle, and experience the emotional ride of your most favorite characters. With a piping hot mug of coffee in hand, even the rain will become enjoyable.

#5 Dance the Day Away

There’s a curious stillness in the atmosphere. Though you might enjoy it initially, rain tends to get monotonous after some time and turns into a dull drapery. It benumbs your heart to such an extent that you don’t feel like doing anything. Not even move a muscle. Just lie on top of your bed and stare at the blank ceiling.
It’s absolutely vital that you don’t fall into this slow, energy-less trap. Keep yourself active, even if you have to dance. Set your speakers, select your favorite song, turn up the volume and dance to the beat!

See? I told you. With the above diversions taking up your time, you won’t get bored even for a single minute without internet.

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Written by Rimsha Ather

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