What are the best medicines for vertigo?

Vertigo is defined as a spinning sensation, where a person starts feeling dizzy and everything seems to revolve around. It can range from discomfort to debilitation affecting daily chores. A person suffering from vertigo experiences whether the room is spinning around or he is spinning. Vertigo is often accompanied by nausea and vomiting.

The cause of vertigo depends from person to person. It can be due to an ear infection or a head injury, or migraine-related issues, Meniere’s disease or stroke can be the more serious causes that lead to vertigo dizziness.

Mild vertigo symptoms are further treated well with certain home remedies. If a person is experiencing repeated episodes of vertigo, seeking medical advice is recommended. An expert neurologist will diagnose the symptoms of vertigo you are suffering from and prescribe certain treatments and medicine for dizziness & vertigo to treat the underlying ailment. There are various medicines for vertigo prescribed by doctors that help in suppressing vertigo symptoms. The doctor will guide you about the dosage, side effects & precautions associated with the prescribed medicine. The right dosage of vertigo tablets can help in reducing the spinning sensations while controlling other symptoms associated with vertigo. Certain vertigo tablets that are used for suppressing vertigo should be used for a shorter duration when one gets acute attacks of vertigo.

Let’s go through some of the commonly prescribed drugs that are used in treating vertigo

  • Vertin Tablet

Vertin is the most popular medicine for vertigo, that is generally prescribed by doctors to the patients suffering from vertigo spells, after diagnosing the underlying cause. Vertin tablet cannot solve all the issues of vertigo and is not effective in every cause of vertigo. The Vertin tablet composite of a drug named Betahistine, which is available under various brand names like Betavert, B-stil, Betahist, etc. If a patient is diagnosed with a Meniere’s disease, Vertin tablet can help in easing out the condition. A person suffers from fluid build-up in Meniere’s disease, ringing sensation, hearing loss, repeated episodes of dizziness are some of the common symptoms of vertigo that can be treated well with Vertin tablets. Betahistine helps in balancing the fluid and helps in proper circulation in the inner ear. The dosage of Vertin does not make a person feel dizzy, which generally other vertigo suppressants do. A proper dosage of Vertin can help a person in treating a Meniere’s disease. It is readily available in the market in various mg. The expert neurologist will advise you about the precautions one needs to take while taking the Vertin tablet and will suggest the right dose after seeking the severity of the symptoms.

  • Stugeron Forte Tablet

Stugeron Forte is another drug that is prescribed by doctors to the patients suffering from vertigo. It is used to treat patients who are suffering from vertigo due to migraines. Stugeron Forte composite of a drug named Cinnarizine, that helps the patients from recovering various symptoms like motion sickness and migraines, which leads to repeated episodes of vertigo spells. Stugeron Forte Tablet is easily available in the market in various mg. The doctor will prescribe the right mg after looking at your symptoms. Cinnarizine is available under various brand names such as cinn, cinzan, cintigo, etc. It is counted as one of the most effective medicine for dizziness, that controls the acute vertigo attacks. The tablet should not be continued for a prolonged period as there are various side effects associated with the tablet. Drowsiness, nausea, vomiting are some of the common side effects that come along with Stugeron Forte Tablet. It cannot be given with any other drug as it will reduce its effect. Your doctor will guide you about the precautions, dosage and the duration, for which medicines should be taken.

  • Stemetil Tablet

Stemetil is a drug that is used to treat various issues starting from vertigo, dizziness, motion sickness, uneasiness, depression, nausea and so on. Stemetil Tablet is effective in eliminating various symptoms of vertigo and is readily available in the market in the form of tablets, syrups, injections, etc. The doctor will prescribe the right mg of Stemetil Tablet to be taken, after diagnosing the symptoms. A complete medical history and other ailments are checked by doctors before prescribing Stemetil Tablet for curing the symptoms. There are certain side-effects associated with the tablet, ask your doctor for the same before following the dose. An expert neurologist will suggest medicine for vertigo, after properly diagnosing the symptoms and seeking the medical history of the patient.

  • Meclizine Tablet

Meclizine tablet is generally prescribed by doctors for treating acute vertigo spells. The doctor will examine the underlying cause before prescribing Meclizine Tablet. It is readily available in the market under various brand names such as Antivert, Meni -D, Meclozine, Bonine, Dramamine, VertiCalm, D-Vert, Meclicot, Medivert, Driminate II, etc. It helps in relieving the symptoms of vertigo to a greater extent. It is readily available in the market in various mg. It is the only vertigo medicine that can be taken by the patient during pregnancy. Seeking medical advice and consulting an expert doctor is recommended, before deciding on self.

Benzodiazepines, Dimenhydrinate, Metaclopromide, Procloperazine, Promethazine, Ondansteron, Piracetam, Scopalamine are some of the other medicines for vertigo that are given to the patients after identifying the cause of vertigo.

It is suggested not to take the medicines for vertigo without the consultation of an expert doctor.

 Do not self-medicate if you are suffering from mild or severe vertigo spells. Seek medical advice and get your symptoms diagnosed if you are suffering from prolongated symptoms of vertigo.

An expert neurologist will suggest the right medicine for vertigo after seeking the patient’s complete medical history and examining the cause, symptoms & severity of bouts of vertigo dizziness.

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