5 Cool Activities to Beat the Heat This Summer

The intense heat during summer days in Australia can be annoying at times and it seems as if the heat only keeps building up each and every day. It can really be hard to get up and be active the whole day long when it’s that hot outside. All the outdoor activities suddenly seem less appealing, because it’s too hot. On the other hand, it would be a shame to waste a nice day by staying indoors all the time. So in order to have fun while staying cool in these unbearable weather conditions, here are some outdoor activities that you might like.

Organize a field trip or picnic

Call your friends and organize a fun field trip. You could go to a completely new city that none of you have ever visited before and wander around discovering tiny streets and souvenir shops. It will lift the mood and you’ll get to spend some time together in a creative way. In case you’re not in a position to take a trip, consider going to a picnic. You can pack some snacks and drinks, bring a blanket or a bigger towel and go to the park to search for the perfect picnic spot. There are many activities you can do in the park. Bring a Frisbee, Volleyball, or some water balloons and have fun. Even if it gets too hot at one point you can always find a shady spot under a tree somewhere in the park.

Drink coconut water

Drinking lots of water during hot summer days is very important because you need to stay hydrated and it’s good for your body. However, if you want to really cool down, try drinking coconut water. It has been proven that coconut water has great cooling properties and can help you hydrate even better than the regular mineral water. It is also really healthy for you to drink coconut water since it’s a great source of electrolytes that you lose through sweating which makes it one of the greatest low-calorie, low-sugar healthy alternatives for sports drinks.

Bring out your summer whites

Even though it might sound silly, the way you dress during those hot summer days does actually matter. Knowing what clothing pieces to choose according to their color and size can make a huge difference and will help you beat the heat during summer. Wearing dark-colored clothes trap the heat. They will make you sweat faster and in a greater amount. On the other hand, light colors reflect light; therefore, you’ll be much cooler and comfortable wearing white or pastels. Also, look for more baggy shirts, dresses, pants, skirts, etc. Loose-fitting clothes will provide more airflow and will help you stay cool.

Go for a ride

To stay all day in the house with the AC on would be without a doubt the best solution for surviving those hot summer days in Australia which can get unbearable at times. However, in hopes that you don’t intend on spending the whole summer trapped inside your home, there are many ways of transport that you can use to move around the city and spend a day outside with your friends. If you’re tired of driving around in your car or taking a crowded bus to get somewhere, you can always opt for some more fun options such as riding a bike, skateboard, or a scooter. In case you’re looking for some extra protection when you’re driving a scooter, you can find an easily-accessible scooter gear in Australia. This way you don’t have to worry about searching for a parking spot or getting stuck in traffic and you can move around more freely. With an evening summer breeze on your cheeks and wind in your hair as you’re driving through the city, you will feel much better about leaving your house.

Go for a swim

There is nothing more relaxing than swimming during the summer. Whether it is in a pool, sea, river or a lake, swimming can really help you cool down and either enjoy your alone time or have fun with your friends. It is a refreshing activity that will keep your body in shape while not even feeling like an exercise which is why you should put swimming at the top of your to-do list for this summer. You can even take a day trip to visit some of the nearby cities and see what kind of beaches they have to offer. You will get a nice suntan and have a great time at the beach with your friends. If you want to try out some more activities that include water, you can sign up for a scuba diving class, or ask someone to teach you how to surf, if you’re into a bit more extreme sports but never had a chance to learn any of them. This way you will learn some fun new skills while making sure you don’t just spend the whole day sitting around and getting annoyed with the heat.


All things considered, leaving your house in the middle of the day to be greeted by a burning heat outside isn’t exactly what most people would describe as ‘pleasant’. However, as discussed above, there are many activities you can try out with your friends that will keep you refreshed and cool during summer.

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Written by Neil White

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