Top Gifts for the Dog Lovers in Your Life

These days, there are so many fun gifts for dogs and their dog-loving owners! From cool toys to personalized practical items, there’s plenty for you to choose from for a gift for a loved one. Whether they’ve just adopted a puppy or it’s Fido’s 15th birthday, these are our favorite picks that dog lovers everywhere will appreciate for any occasion.

Stylish Notebooks with Dog Designs

Notebooks come in handy for lots of people. They could be used by a professional with an office job, a dog mom who wants a journal to write in, an artist or musician, or a child that wants their first diary. Notebooks are even more appreciated when they are high-quality. Check out these cute dog-themed notebooks that feature delightful dog memes. A dog lover will instantly melt over a notebook that reminds them how special their dogs are.

Personalized Dog Leash Holder

One of the best parts about owning a dog is that they inspire you to walk which in return is great for both of you. A personalized dog leash holder is the perfect place to hang your pet’s leash, no matter what style of leash they have. You can find them in different versions—some are just for the leash, some include treat holders, and some might even have space for mom and pop’s keys. Head on over to Etsy and get one personalized to feature their pet’s name!

Dog-Themed Face Masks

Not everyone wants to spring for a fashionable face mask for themselves, but they would love to get one as a gift. Dog-themed face masks are a super cute thing to wear when there are face mask mandates in place. They’ll love wearing it to get groceries, run errands, and attend special events! Find a pattern made with your dog’s breed like these adorable corgi face coverings.

Rescue Mama/Dad T-Shirt

If the dog lover you’re shopping for rescued their pet from a shelter or other poor circumstances, they are proud to let others know they adopt, not shop. A graphic t-shirt with “Rescue Mama” or “Rescue Dad” on the front is the perfect gift for both women and men in this situation. They’ll love wearing it when they take their fur baby to the dog park.

dog kissing a woman in black crew neck shirt

Doggie Breed Test Kit

Another great gift for pet owners is a doggie DNA test that determines the various breeds that make up a mixed breed dog. Many dog owners with mixed breeds undoubtedly have had numerous conversations with their friends and family members about what breeds might make up their pooch. Give them the gift of discovering exactly what makes up their little friend. They can easily tie the breeds to specific attributes with their personality or traits. These DNA tests can also help you to identify potential health risks for your pet.

Dog Games/Puzzles

This gift is for the enjoyment of both the dog and the owner. Dog puzzles are a test of your dog’s intelligence, they’re fun to watch get solved, and they give the dog a treat for completing the puzzle. There are different types like ones that have sliding doors, ones with pop-up doors, and treat balls that dispense treats as they roll them around. Most dogs are smart enough to solve these simple puzzles. Two out of my three dogs could anyway!

Coffee Table Books on Your Dog’s Breed

A dog’s breed makes them unique. Many people see the physical attributes, but they don’t know much about the other traits or the history of the breed. A coffee table book on a dog’s breed is a great piece of decor with colorful pictures and interesting facts about a particular breed. Did you know a group of pugs is called a grumble? Or that people hold dachshund races? Now that would be something fun to see!

Dog GPS Collar

For the dog lover who has everything, a dog GPS collar is a perfect way to track their pup. GPS collars for dogs used to be very expensive and bulky, and they didn’t tell you much other than the dog’s location. These days, dog GPS collars are reasonably priced and come in a streamlined size that you’ll barely notice as a part of the collar. They can tell you the dog’s location as well as keep track of daily activities, compare their activity to other dogs in the neighborhood, and send you alerts when they’re making a run for it. The Fi Series 2 GPS Tracker at Chewy can do all this and only costs about $150.

We hope these cool gift ideas give you some inspiration for a special dog lover in your life! No matter what you decide to go with, they’ll appreciate the thought you put into it.

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