What to Do When You Win the Lottery

So, what should you do when you win the lottery? Well, the first thing you should do is celebrate. But you should probably do it privately and a little quietly so that you don’t give away your secret too quickly, because there are some steps you’ll want to go through before you start publicly telling anyone that you’ve won (if you tell them at all).

  1. Double-Check Your Ticket

First, take a short break and then go back to your ticket again. Double-check the numbers to see if you really do have a win. If you purchase your ticket online, like through, the website will show you the numbers you have that match the winning numbers so you can be absolutely certain of the match.

  1. Contact the Proper Authority

You’ll need to contact the authority for the lottery game that you’ve won. In the United States that means you’ll need to contact the lottery commission. In other countries you’ll need to contact the organization that’s in charge of running the lottery. They can direct you to where you need to go in order to claim your prize. If you’ve purchased your ticket online all of this information will be available to you as well.

  1. Hire a Financial Expert

If you win big you should absolutely hire a financial expert. They’re going to help you learn how to budget your money (yes, you still need to budget even if you’re a millionaire) and they’ll also show you how to invest and protect yourself and your money. You should do this before you ever tell anyone what’s going on. Once it’s known that you’ve won a lot there will definitely be people coming out of nowhere to get some money out of you.

  1. Try to Protect Your Privacy

If at all possible try to remain anonymous. All those people coming out of nowhere are going to want something and not all of them are going to be nice if you don’t give it to them. That’s where you want to make sure that you’re protecting yourself and trying to stay out of other people’s lives as much as possible. It can be hard, especially since some states or countries require you to come forward and publicly accept the money. If that happens you’ll still want to try and protect yourself and your close family as much as possible.

  1. Maintain Your Current Lifestyle

One of the biggest problems that a lot of lottery winners have is that they try to dramatically change their lifestyle when they win big. While you can increase your spending a bit and you should be able to have a little bit of fun, your financial advisor will help you figure out a smart way to spend your money so you don’t run out. Winning a huge jackpot should be able to set you up for life, but you’re going to need to be smart about the money in order for that to happen.

If you win the lottery it’s going to be a huge moment in your life and it will absolutely change your entire future, but make sure you’re keeping on the right track and that you’re not getting distracted by all the things you can do now. You want to make sure that you can turn this into the best thing that ever happened to your life and your families lives, not something that’s gone far too soon.

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