A guide to put in your Halloween contact lenses Expertly

You usually hear from newbies who have recently decided to use Halloween lenses for Halloween that they are facing issues putting in their lenses. We know that putting contact lenses inside your eye is never an easy chore, it requires some practice to getting used to. But, it is always handy to have a guide, you might be missing on a trick or two and just learning about it may make things go a bit smoother.

So that is why we have decided to provide a detailed step by step guide so you can easily put on your contact lenses without hurting your eye. Believe me, it is not that difficult.

Know this before putting in your contact lenses Halloween 

Before we get into putting in your contact lenses Halloween you must know that Halloween contact lenses are a bit different from regular contact lenses. This is for those who use regular contact lenses and have decided to use Halloween contacts for Halloween. For complete freshies, it is all the same.

Halloween contact lenses have a colour tint on them, unlike regular contact lenses. The tint is the thing which provides different colours and effects on the lens. Now, due to that tint, you may feel a little discomfort while wearing the contact lenses. For every regular contact lenses user, it will take some time to getting used to coloured contacts or these contact lenses Halloween.

So if you are wearing them for the first time,  it would be better if you take some time out and try them before Halloween so you can get used to them. This is for both regular contacts users and newbies. I mean you do not want to waste your time when the time comes for your Halloween party, right?

How To Put In Contact Lenses Like A Pro

So let’s dive into the step by step process of putting in Halloween lenses and becoming a Halloween monster, ghost, zombie or whatever you want to become with Halloween lenses:

1. Hygiene comes first always. Now when it comes to your eyes, you have to take extra precaution with hygiene. It is a must that you wash your hands with warm water and then touches the contact lenses, of course, you have to dry your hands too.

2. Do a clean check on the lenses. Now it is the turn for your lenses. Take them out from the storage and rub them with the solution to ensure there are no debris particles sticking onto the lenses. Clean them once with the solution and then put them back in the store filled with solution. Now we start putting in the process.

3. Always keep the cup side up on your finger and thumb. Now take out a lens and place it cup side up on your index finger and your thumb…

4. Pull the bottom eyelid while holding the upper eyelid. With your other hand pull down the bottom eyelid with the middle finger and hold up the upper eyelid with the index finger to completely open you eye.

5.  Put the lens onto the surface. This is the tricky part, place the lens into the eye, if you are lucky it will be placed right onto the pupil and you are good to go. Some are quite expert in doing so. But, in most cases, you would have to put the lens on the side or beneath the pupil and blink continuously so the lens would settle on the pupil.

6. Check Lens Movement. Once the lens has settled, and you are sure of it, move your eye in every direction. This is a checking process where you test that the lens has actually settled perfectly on your eye. If it has then the lens won’t cause any discomfort and your vision will not get blurred…

7. After effects. On very rare occasions, after placing in your lens an air bubble forms on the lens. This will irritate you unless you get rid of it. One way is that you take out your lens again and put it back again. Otherway is that you can put your finger on the lens softly and move it here there so that the bubble goes away and the lens settles.

8. Check how good you are looking for. All that is left now is for you to stand in front of the mirror and check how good you are looking. You would be amazed at how amazingly scary your Halloween costume is and the magic touch Halloween contact lenses provide.

You can use these steps to put in any contact lenses, steps are a bit different for Sclera Halloween contact lenses as they are bigger than other lenses, otherwise, it is the same. Also, if you feel any discomfort or irritation while wearing lenses, take them off immediately. And never sleep with your lenses, take them off before going to sleep

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