How to Double Box for Shipping and Packing Boxes?

Most of the items these days are packed by keeping in mind that they are going to be transported to one place to the other via shipping. The box packaging must be strong and sturdy so that the products reach the target audience in an intact form without any sort of damage. Otherwise, it would hurt the reputation of the company and would result in the loss of the business. Therefore, there is a new trend going on in the packing industry i.e., the use of double containers in order to make sure that the products remain safe and secure during storage and transportation.

Exact shape and size:

One of the most important things which has to be considered while packing the product is the shape and size of the item. The containers must be exactly according to the dimensions and measurements of the products that are going to be packed inside them. If the encasements are larger in size as compared to the objects, then they would not be stable and might fall within the covering. On the other hand, if the containers are smaller in size, then the products might slip out of them and would result in huge loss or damage. That is why the coverings of the products must be prepared specifically according to the products.

Separate encasements:

If the items are in countable numbers, then they must be packed in separate encasements. For example, if the products to be transported are the bottles of bears or any other glass material that is sensitive and might be broken by colliding with each other. Small encasements must be prepared to accommodate them. The advancement in the scope and range of business of almost all the industries has enhanced the frequency of the shipping of items. The retailers, as well as customers, are asking a similar question i.e., where can I get packing boxes near me. But there is not much to worry about. A large number of manufacturing firms and organizations are producing the containers of all sizes and shapes to facilitate the clients in the best possible way. These corporations also have their online stores that save a lot of time and effort of the clients as they do not require to visit the shops and can get the containers by ordering from their homes or offices. The distributors also provide the facility of free home delivery at the doorstep of the customers within a short span of time. In this way, separate encasements for various products can easily be obtained and utilized in an efficient manner.

Cushioning material:

Even after putting the items in separate containers, there is still a risk that the items might be damaged in the long journey. Hence, different types of cushioning material must be used to provide extensive protection to the products that are going to be transported via shipping. The choice of the appropriate material depends upon the type of items packed inside. For example, in the case of glass bottles of soft drinks, perfumes, etc. the proper material is bubble wrap. These wraps are specialized for this purpose as they have regularly placed, protruding air-filled hemispheres. This unique structure of this plastic wrap protects the items after collision with each other or with the walls of the containers. Similarly, electronic goods also have the requirement of extra protection. The most suitable material that has the ability to provide cushion to these fragile items is plastic foam. These forms are significantly thick and do not let the items strike with each other.

Place in the bigger container:

After placing the products in separate encasements and then using proper cushions, now is the time to place the items in the bigger container. The material of this container must be strong and durable. Cardboard is the most frequently utilized material for this purpose. It is naturally thick because of a large number of layers. It has the ability to endure a wide range of temperature and pressure and is also unboreable during jolts, bumps, or accidental falls. Hence the items would be immensely safe and secure.

Padding the container:

Another important thing that is required to be done is that the big-sized container must be padded. It is done by pasting a layer of foam or similar material along all the sides of the container.


Sealing is the last or final stage of the box packaging of items for the purpose of shipping. It is done by putting a thick binding tape on the upper and lower opening of the container. In this way, the container becomes airtight, and the items remain safe from slipping out of the encasements. The same purpose can also be achieved by using fixing glue in a proper and systematic manner. While taping the container, it must be ensured that the tape is not at the address written on the containers in order to avoid any sort of inconvenience.

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