Creative Box Designs for Pie Box Packaging

How tempting is a delicious pie for a foodie? Certainly irresistible. But a tasty pie en wrapped within lovely packing boxes even more gratifying to your eyes. A flawlessly designed packaging augments the exquisiteness and excellence of a product. Especially, the food industry focuses on custom food boxes greatly, because it is required not only for preserving the freshness of the food items but also for enhancing the appeal and beauty of them.

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In particular, bakery and confectionery items are loved by everyone. Therefore, the people in this business pay great heed to design the most beautiful and alluring packaging for their products. Pies are one of the most eaten bakery items, which are liked by everyone. They are one of the most scrumptious food delights and hence, should be enclosed within a packing that may complement their brilliance and deliciousness. lemon pie box

So, here we bring you an informational article about the creative packaging ideas for pie boxes. Give it a read to explore the different ways of packing your tasty pies and integrate these ideas to acquire more benefit in your business.

Creative Packaging Box Designs for Tasty Pies:

You may have seen many different types of pie boxes for sale in the market that may impress you with their vibrant colors and attractive designs. But if you are seeking some out-of-the-box and unique packing styles for your pies, then here are a few pie packaging ideas that will help you stand out among your competitors. Have a look:

·    Antique Wooden Cases:

People love antique items that rejuvenate historical vibes in them, and therefore, such designs are adored in every product industry. Incorporating antique themes into your pie packaging supplies will impress your customers. You can design aesthetic antique wooden cases, like carved boxes etc. to pack your pies. People will fall in love with these boxes as much as they will cherish your tasty pies.

apple pie box

·    Homemade Cardboard Boxes:

Cardboard boxes are the easiest packaging solutions for any product business that is not only easy to design but also quite economical. Hence, you can design some lovely cardboard packaging boxes for the pies at home. Cardboard’s are quite easily available in the market, and you can create beautiful boxes of different shapes and sizes according to the pie. Also, they can be decorated beautifully with varying flowers of paper, colorful papers or beads etc.

pie packaging

·    Plastic Containers Covered with Fabric:

In addition, plastic containers can be used for pie packing as well. Plastic boxes are quite commonly utilized for food items, but you can stand out by incorporating additional charm to these containers. These plastic boxes can be covered with pretty fabrics to make them unique and trendy. Extra pieces of fabrics are available at everyone’s home; thus, you can reuse them for creating wonderful packing boxes for your tasty pies. Moreover, you can also purchase special fabric of your choice for your pie boxes wholesale. lemon pie boxes

·    Smart Boxes with Handles:

People not only look for appealing packaging designs but also seek the ones that may be convenient to handle as well. So, you can satisfy your customers by designing such packaging that may be easy-to-use, like you can make stylish colorful boxes with handles for packing your pies. Your customers will surely love such pie packing boxes that are not only attractive but also easy to carry and take home.

pie package

·    Cute Transparent Paper Packages: 

Impeccably designed transparent paper packages can also be used for your pie boxes bulk. Paper boxes might not be that resistant to carry heavy food items, but you can surely use them for your small delicious pies. The transparent paper boxes are a great idea for the packaging of pies, as they will keep the beautifully prepared pies visible to your customers from within the box and they will be able to choose their favorite pies easily.

These are some of the very simple yet impressive ideas for pie packing boxes that do not require much effort and expense. You can create most of these at home quite conveniently, but if you are seeking ultimate perfection, then you can also hire some expert packaging professionals for designing any of these packing boxes for your yummy pies. So, make use of these ideas to attract more and more customers towards your products.

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Written by Robert Smith

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