9 Skill-Building Math Games for Students

As every child loves to play games, so making the child learn mathematics with the help of educational Math games can be the best way to arouse their interest in Mathematics.  Children are allotted a number of academic tasks on daily basis like writing essays. Sometimes the children get overburdened and they ask for write my essay help online. But it is a necessity to reduce the stress on the children’s tender minds. for this the children can be involved in playing educational games. The subjects on which the students encounter more problems should be taught to the children with the help of games.

There are several Mathematics games available in the stores and also on the internet from where the parents and teachers can avail the outstanding benefits.

Let’s have a look on some of those educational Math games 

    1. Math Grid Race – This is the combo of math as well as physical activities. The students will make a line and stand at the back of the classroom. The two teams will be made and, on the whiteboard, the two grids will be drawn out. The teacher will ask the question and the students will come one by one from each team and write the answers in the right grid.  For example, if the answer is 12 then the students will write in the form where the third column and fourth row meet. Then the team member will head back to their teams and in this way the whole process goes on. The team which will write the maximum number of right answers will be the winner.

    2.  101 and out – In this game, the whole classroom will be divided into half and both the groups should be given paper, pen, and dice. Each group will come and roll the die. The value that will come by tossing the dice will be multiplied by 10 to make it perfect 101. As for instance, if 6 number comes up on the dice, then multiplying it by 10 will make 60. The group or team who will succeed in getting the 101 scores first will be the winner.

    3. Math bat ball Game – The classroom will be divided in to two teams and one team will do batting and the another one will be the balling team. The teacher will have full control over the game and also, he or she will pitch the questions to the two teams. The batting team will be supposed to answer first and in case if the team’s answer is wrong, the balling team will get a chance to earn the marks. If the team A answers three questions wrong continuously, then that team will be disqualified.

    4. Around the Block – It is the most exciting fun math game for kids. In this kind of game, the children are asked to sit in a circle and they will be given a ball or a block which they will have to revolve around when they will be asked mathematical questions. This is kind of a quiz game. If the student will give the right answer, he or she will be given a chance to decide the next person to whom the question will be asked. In case, the students give the wrong answer, the teacher will explain the actual answer.

    5.  Follow the multiples with a doodle – The students will sit in a circle and they will be instructed to start counting from any random student. The students can be asked to speak the multiples of 6 turn wise turn and in place of multiples, the students will say “doodle”. This way the game proceeds further. The students can be asked to utter multiples of 6,7,8,9, so on.

    6. Math fact top it –This game is for kids till 5th grade and this game can be played in groups of 4 to 5 students. In most of the kindergartens and playschools, this game is widely played. All one needs is Math flashcards which are to be distributed to the kids sitting in a circle. The kids will throw down the cards and the kid who will be having the highest number will win the play. This game is all about winning the maximum cards.

    7. Math Bingo – Bingo is a creative and interesting game to enforce math skills among students. The caller or the teacher will call out the student to write the addition, multiplication, subtraction or any division problems on the whiteboard. The students who have the answers regarding the problems will mark the answers on their cards. The maximum number of markups will decide who the winner is.

    8. Hopscotch – Math cannot only be learned by solving the math worksheets. But there are also some other ways how the parents can engage their children in learning math basics. Hopscotch is one that game from which the students can learn counting, tables, addition, subtraction and all the other basics of math. The parents can start this game by drawing a row of 10 squares on the floor. The squares would be counted 1 to 10 and in order. The children will jump from one square to another while narrating the counting. In this way, the students can learn counting, ascending order and descending order, etc.

    9. Roll, Find and Color – The children will feel curious playing this game as it also includes some coloring part. The students will throw the dice for two times one by one and the number they will receive after tossing, the students will color that number. In this way, the students who will complete finishing the numbers first will be the winners.

Adding these mathematical games to the curriculum of the scholars will benefit a lot to the schools and kindergarten so as to form the base of the kids in mathematics. In the current educational era, there are number of educational institutions out there who use these educational games to burgeon the learning curiosity among children.

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