10 Perfect Tips for Regular Contact Lenses Wearers

Colored lenses are a wonderful opportunity for those who love to dress up. The best thing about them is that along with the addition of a festive element, they can also serve to eliminate pesky glasses and perform the role of vision correction themselves!

Cosmetic colored contacts are now available in a huge variety of colors. The contacts are even more fascinating because apart from colors, contacts are available in a diverse number of hues in individual colors.

Blue contacts, for example, can be obtained in shades of blue light as the summer sky or dark as the sky in a thunderstorm. And all can be done simply within the comfort of your own home too!

Some Amazing Tips!

Lenses can have a wonderful impact on the quality of life with respect to vision, as well as the amount of fun you can have when you’re dressing up! However, they do have some potential side effects, such as infections. Largely, though, the infections and side effects are the results of mishandling the lenses or ignoring the precautions that should be taken.

Here are some tips for ensuring you have a long and happy relationship with your contacts! 

  1. When purchasing lenses, do your research. Find a source, online or otherwise, which is credible and has a good reputation. This is easily done, with the advent of lighting-paced changes in the internet industry. There are pages and forums where users of any said thing leave honest reviews which can help you decide where to purchase from. All websites too, have a section where customers relate their experiences either by way of reviews or ratings in the form of stars. Be wary of websites that are touted to be buying reviews though, as these are understandably skewed opinions.
  2. Consider the pros and cons of the type of lenses you are opting for extensively. This again can be done from the comfort of your home by simply looking up the types of lenses and all the advantages etc attached to each type.
  3. When considering cosmetic colored contacts the important decision is to choose the correct wear time. The lenses are available as one-day disposable lenses which are to be discarded after a single use, and reusable ones. There are also lenses available according to the time they can be used for in a single go. If your requirement is to use lenses for a long time period, extendable contacts should be opted for.
  4. Once you’ve made the decision regarding the purchase, the next step is actually using the contacts. Now the problem is that our eyelids serve the purpose of keeping out anything unwanted. This means they immediately squeeze shut when an object approaches the eye. Be prepared for some level of discomfort and difficult wearing lenses when you start. It will fade eventually to a point where you won’t even notice you’re wearing lenses at all!
  5. Next up is choosing a suitable solution for storing and cleaning lenses. The solution is really important for reusable lenses. Disposable ones are thrown away after use so a solution isn’t really necessary for them. When opting for a solution, go for a multipurpose solution as it also contains elements for removal of debris and unwanted bacteria.
  6. An important tip is to always clean the lenses by rubbing them. This is recommended even if the solution being used is the no-rub kind.
  7. Maintaining proper hygiene is essential for using lenses in the correct manner. This includes thoroughly washing hands before handling lenses, changing the solution regularly, and even changing the storage box.
  8. Remove your lenses immediately at the slightest hint of discomfort. Never take any chances for the eye is an extremely sensitive organ and must be treated with extreme care.
  9. If you feel your lenses are getting dry and there is time remaining, that is the time period for which the lenses can be worn hasn’t yet elapsed, keep a bottle of eye-drops handy. These drops come by various names but the basic purpose is to rehydrate your lenses to make them more comfortable to wear, whilst simultaneously washing out unwanted debris that may be causing discomfort.
  10. This tip is especially for users of contact lenses who have vision issues. Wear lenses any time you want, but always carry a spare pair of glasses. For a normal lenses wearer, in case of any discomfort simply discarding the lenses will render the issue void. However, someone with weak eyesight cannot just simply discard lenses as this would leave him with foggy vision!Keeping a pair of glasses on hand can save you from squinting at people and things trying to figure out what’s what! Better safe than sorry right?

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Written by Hannah Hicks

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