Root Canal: How to Know if I Need it?

Root Canal which is also known as Endodontics is known to fall among the most frequently opted treatment in their dentistry statistics. As we all know, that this treatment mainly works to save the destroyed tooth which is on the verge of getting deterioration at an advanced level.

If at all you have a tooth which is damaged or destroyed, you quickly need to consult your familiar dentist who can suggest the right treatment or if you need to get the root canal done.

What is this treatment all about?

The treatment consists of eliminating all the infectious material inside the piece. A series of files of different lengths and widths are passed in order to eliminate all the infected material from the inside of the roots.

The interior is irrigated with a disinfectant liquid and dried. Finally, the inside of the roots is sealed with a biocompatible material and the final seal is made.

Depending on the case, there will be times when the treatment will end in the same session or two sessions will be necessary. It can also happen that the piece is necrotic and does not have any kind of pain or sensitivity. This means that the injury is already chronic. Even so, that piece must be treated, since it is infected, and the root canal treatment is also the endodontics.

Once the root canal treatment is done, the infection will disappear over time. Normally, the pieces that have undergone this rct treatment are left with very little dental support, besides that the treatment itself weakens the piece; so it is vital that once proven the remission of the infection, a crown is placed.

In other cases, where the damage to the tooth is greater, root canal cost also increase by a good amount. In this rct treatment, it is necessary to place some bolts or posts inside the tooth to provide support and stability to the crown that will go over the tooth.

Situations in which root canal is required to be done:

The main objective of root canal treatment is to save the tooth. And therefore the intervention consists of removing the infected dental pulp. Next, we proceed to clean the infected tissues which have also cause destruction and finally fill the canal with biocompatible material.

There are many situations in which it is necessary to proceed with this intervention :

• One of them comes from the hand of those patients who feel very acute pain after the removal of the pulp tissue or any such symptoms are found in the time being.

• On the other hand, even if a patient does not present pain in a situation of pulp tissue removal, though the root canal is necessary. The root canal is the only effective dental treatment you have when it comes to saving the tooth with an infection in the nerve.

• Other situations in which root canal is an effective intervention, are found in the case of both fractures and fissures that affect the root canals.

• If you find your tooth to be extremely sensitive when it comes in contact with hot or cold surfaces, here you might need to get a dental checkup done soon.

• The color of the tooth turns dark than the original sign. This discoloration will get take you to get operated and go through a root canal treatment.

• You may also notice a sudden swelling and too much softening/tenderness of the gums above the teeth. You should take it on a serious note and consult a dentist.

Are there any side effects while going through root canal treatment?

As we have seen, there are several situations in which patients will have to go through this dental treatment. And the truth is that although rumors suggest that it is a painful and complex treatment, it must be said that today root canal cost is affordable and its treatment is a practically painless intervention that will hardly cause discomfort to patients.

It is a highly recommended dental treatment for severely destroyed teeth, especially if we take into account that if we do not perform it, it is very likely that we will lose the tooth.

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