The Top 10 Fashion Tips For Stylish Business Women

Fashion and the choice of clothes tend to be important for women in general. They are especially important for businesswomen. More often than not people will judge your professionalism on your clothes. You shouldn’t care about other people’s opinions, but if other people are your colleagues and boss, then the situation changes. Make sure to always be on the top of the game with these easy to follow tips.

Change the game with some patterns

The first thing you can do to elevate your outfit doesn’t require much effort. A simple change in your wardrobe like a replacement of a plain piece with a patterned one will make a big difference. Don’t go overboard with different patterns. One patterned piece should suffice, others should neutral. You can combine a patterned blouse with some cigarette pants and add some jewellery for a simple but stylish look.

Pop some Colour

When thinking of corporate clothing, the first colours that come to mind are darker or more neutral. Black, grey, white or beige aren’t the only colours appropriate for the office. Don’t be afraid to pop some colour here and there. You don’t have to be fully dressed in red, but if your outfit is black and grey, a red scarf can make it livelier and more interesting.

Wear more feminine shoes

The term feminine shoes refer to heels here. Go ahead and choose the perfect heels to match your outfit. Heels will give your outfit a more refined feel and make everything seem more serious. They will also have a positive impact on your posture and confidence. Depending on the outfit and your preferences, you can wear kitten heels, block heels or heeled ankle boots.

Style your hair

To look and feel really professional, pay special attention to your hair. Making a good impression on work is very important. Messy, frizzy hair won’t help with this. Your appearance is the first sign of your character. Show everyone that you’re organized, neat, and hardworking by spending some time in the morning with all the hair appliances. If you don’t like the idea of styling the hair by yourself, you can always go to a hairstylist and let him or her do the job.

Refresh your wardrobe

Refreshing your wardrobe is an important thing and it can’t be overlooked. You should always strive to look professional. Worn out, faded clothes won’t do much to help you accomplish this. Go out and find pieces that can be combined with what you already have and that will help you make the best possible impression. Many professionals like Style State offer a wide range of pieces perfect for stylish women in business. Refresh your wardrobe every ones in a while to avoid looking boring or unprofessional.

Add a sash or belt

Adding a sash or a bet can save the outfit in many ways. If you opt for baggy clothes, sashes and belts can help you accentuate your waist. They can make a difference in a monochrome outfit. Combining them with pieces allows you to be more creative and versatile. You can wear a single piece in different ways if you just add a sash.

Wear a blazer

Blazers are things that people immediately associate with the office. They really are perfect for corporate clothing. A stylish blazer, tailored for you will make you look more attractive and more serious. Find the right blazer for you, be it a classic or a trendier one. Combine it with skirts, pants even cropped jeans, and always look great in the office.

Get the clothing tailored

The crucial thing a businesswoman has to think of is how to seem more confident. The answer is easy. You have to feel confident. Baggy or size smaller clothes won’t make you feel confident. They won’t look good on you. Losing weight is normal, but you shouldn’t wear the same clothes if you have a few pounds less. Make sure to get all your clothes tailored. This way you’ll look amazing, but more importantly, feel good in your skin.

Carry fashionable bags

An important part of every outfit is the choice of the bag. Structured bags in neutral colours are the best options for the office. Combine them with any outfit you opt for and you’ll have no problems. They make your appearance seem more appropriate and professional.

Makeup and accessories should be minimalized

Chunky jewellery and heavy makeup aren’t your friends in the office. Save them for a night out, and instead opt for more natural makeup and simpler jewellery. You should always have in mind the occasion you’re putting makeup for. Inappropriate makeup makes you seem unsuitable for the job and unprofessional. Keep it simple, both makeup and jewellery. If you’re wearing a turtleneck, you can wear a nice necklace or a pair of earrings to look amazing.


Clothing is important. It tells a lot about you. Take the time you need and make sure that you look great when you head to the office. Remember what you are dressing for and act accordingly. Implement these tips in your style and look amazing everyday on work.

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Written by Lena Hemsworth

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