7 Eyelash Extension Trends of 2019

Eyelash extensions have become highly popular in recent years. From stars and celebrities to women at work, parties, shopping and the ones you see on the street, ladies everywhere are seen with beautiful and long lashes with lash extensions. There are trends of eyelash extensions just as there are trends in fashion, hair, make-up and nail lacquers, etc.

Eyelash extensions complement and enhance your look and style. The biggest benefit of these extensions is the way they look. There is no denying that they are a great way to get the lashes of your dreams. They also save your time in your daily make-up routine as you don’t need to curl them and apply mascara.

Despite being somewhat expensive, a lot of women find that they are worth the investment as they provide great results. So, if you’re wondering whether you should try it out yourself, here’s everything you should know about the extensions.

Eyelash Extension Trends That You Should Know

2019 is all about bright eyeshadows, luscious manes of hair and beautifully bold and dark eyebrows. The latest eyelash extension trends are designed to make this look even better. So, if you’re on to it, stay tuned till the end!

Thick & Long Lashes

While the eyelash extension trends in 2018 were all about length, length and length, this year, a great emphasis is given on thickness along with length. So, start using lash products like careprost eyelash serum to get thicker, stronger and longer eyelashes naturally, otherwise the extensions are already awaiting!

Natural but Dramatic

It wasn’t long ago when eyelash extensions were used to highlight the look of natural eyelashes, but now it’s all about the added drama and boosting. The latest lash extension looks to keep the natural appearance but with a lot more dramatic look. Think of long, thick and bold lashes that still look natural rather than overdone.

Staggered Lashes

There has been a lot of attention on achieving the ‘staggered lash’ look. They believe lash extensions look more natural when the lash lines are more broken and irregular. The extensions are fixed along the natural lashes at different lengths, giving a natural wide-eyed look. Though the newest trend, this look isn’t suited to the people with very thin lashes.

Different Application Techniques

Trends don’t only exist in the way the extensions look, but also in way of their application. There has been a new trend in the application of extensions that we’ve seen around lately. Some people are fixing a couple of very fine lash extensions together instead of placing one extension at a time on each separate lash. This way, you get twice the thickness and it adds that staggered look that everyone’s dying for lately.

Mascara on Extensions

We can’t get enough, can we? The darker, the thicker, the bolder, the better! This is the new trend that some people are loving but others aren’t. A lot of ladies get lash extensions to stop using mascara at all, but this one’s quite new and unique.

Thin & Fine

We want to have thick eyelashes, but we also want thin and fine individual eyelash extensions. The thinner and more refined, the better! So, another trend that we have seen lately is the lust for fine and thin eyelash extensions. You can create a lot more volume with this trend. There has also been an extra focus on sourcing raw materials and animal-free products.

No Copycats

Another lash trend that is emerging in the industry is ‘experimentation’. Not every lash look suits every face shape or features, and style that suits one person won’t necessarily suit the other. These days, it is OK with being unique. It is all about experimenting, talking to your beautician or a specialist about the look that best suits your features.

At the End…

Beauty trends come and go in the blink of an eye. But we can’t see the eyelash extension trend disappearing anytime soon. In fact, the number of lash techniques and tools popping up in the industry is growing at an incredible rate. More and more salons and beauticians are seeing demands for such lash trends and including its services in their treatment lists.

These extensions aren’t that expensive and dangerous and the application is an enjoyable experience. They are addictive though!

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Written by Sanket Pawar

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