7 Ways to Bring Feng Shui to Your Deck

The ancient Chinese philosophy of design, space, and the art of living is mostly associated with interior space. However, the exterior space of the house can also be arranged according to the principles of Feng Shui. Comfy furniture, a garden fountain or artificial plants are all excellent ideas that will help you transform our outdoor living area and especially the deck.

Cleaning and decluttering

There is no such as creative chaos in Feng Shui, as orderliness takes precedence. Before you are ready to implement any of the following 7 outdoor solutions, you must clean and declutter your backyard. If there are any furniture pieces sitting outside, clean them using a wet cloth and be sure to pick up dead leaves from the lawn.

Furthermore, if you had flower pots or hangers, be sure to remove all the dirt, broken planters, and dead plants from them to make room for new greenery (more about it later on). If the cushions are worn-out or faded away, throw them in the trash because you’ll be getting new ones.

In general, you need to throw out the trash in the sense that only the bare necessities and fixtures should be left on the deck so it is fully ready for a sprucing up, Feng Shui style.

Decorative colors

In order to attract good fortune to your backyard, use the colors red, yellow and purple. You can combine them or decide on a unicolor scheme but learn what each of these colors means. For instance, the color green is associated with peace and freshness, while blue will attract growth and money. In general, the color blue stands for life itself, as it is the symbol of the source of life: water.

A backyard water feature

Although a deck can hardly house a water fountain, you can still enjoy the calming sound of running water. In fact, fountains take a central place in Feng Shui philosophy and they are easy to install. All you need is a water tap in the garden to connect the fountain to, as you can get a ready-made fountain from the nearest garden centre.

If the tap is too far away from the deck area, you needn’t worry because this can actually be an advantage. You’ll have the opportunity to create a rivulet that would feed the fountain and act as a mini irrigation system for the garden. In addition, you can use the “banks” of this stream to adorn it with flowers and yellow brick, for example.

If you own a large enough backyard, then consider adding a fish pond that will enhance the symbolism of water.  Running water is a symbol of life energy, better known as chi that symbolizes the desire for wealth. As soon as the water starts flowing through your garden, you can expect the cash to flow to your bank account.

Adding plant life to the deck

Although the deck is not suitable for a fountain, it is the ideal, nearly natural place for planters and pots. When the weather is fair, you can plant all sorts of flowers or ferns. Even during wintertime, you can beautify the deck with artificial plants that you can order online and that require zero maintenance. Potted plants are the easiest to take care of because they don’t take up much space.

Apart from providing the much-needed oxygen and purifying the air in a glazed garden, plants are essential in Feng Shui for several reasons. Plants that have rounded leaves usher in a sense of calmness and order. Furthermore, they enhance the effect of the aforementioned color green, turning the deck a peaceful retreat.

Hanging up chimes

We’ve mentioned earlier the calming property of running water but that’s not the only appeasing sound that should echo across your deck. Hanging up wind chimes from the roof of your deck in a text example of how you can draw positive energy into your outdoor living space.

Furthermore, the chimes will blend in nicely with the natural surroundings of your garden. The only thing you should take care of in terms of Fen Shui is the number of rods or bells, depending on the type of chime you set up. The ideal numbers are 6 and 8 if you want to unleash positive energy. On the other hand, 5 chimes counter bad energy, surprising it efficiently.

Invite birds to your backyard

A water fountain and chimes are Feng Shui 1-on-1 but if you want to go the extra mile, then you want to incorporate more natural sounds like the twitter of birds. Build a simple birdhouse and equip it with a feeder so you would attract birds that will spread their melodious twitter through your backyard.

Choosing the right pieces of furniture

We’ve mentioned earlier how old, faded-out cushions should be replaced with new ones. The same principle goes for all outdoor furniture, like the garden set or a sofa. Before all, furniture should be comfortable and easy to care for. Ideally, it should be waterproof as well, so you needn’t bring it inside during a summer shower.

The key to getting the right furniture when it comes to Feng Shui principles is uniformity or in other words, the furniture shouldn’t be mismatched. Moreover, there shouldn’t be any pieces of furniture that are bulky in shape or oversized because they will make the space feel cramped. As a consequence, this will prevent the energy from flowing fluently throughout the deck.

Apart from cleaning and decluttering the deck area, you should make all the necessary repairs and fixes at the beginning of the sprucing up process. This might include getting rid of rust from the metal gutters or repainting the deck. After you’re done with all the repairs, your deck will be ready for the free flow of energy propagated by the ancient Chinese art of Feng Shui.

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