6 myths about beauty surgery

The number of those who want to look young and beautiful is increasing worldwide. Both men and women are seeking cosmetic procedures, either surgical or non-surgical when not satisfied with their looks.

Cosmetic procedures can be either surgical or non – surgical. Popular surgical cosmetic procedures are breast augmentation and liposuction, while popular non-surgical cosmetic procedures are Botox injections, laser hair removal, dermal fillers, etc.

Cosmetic surgeries are on the increase and exaggerated information about possible risks is often spread in the media. There are many prejudices about aesthetic surgery, which have persisted for years and are mostly long outdated.

In order to refute one or the other assumption on your part and to take away your fear, we clarify the six best-known myths.

You cannot breastfeed with breast implants

The breastfeeding ability is maintained in most cases after breast augmentation. If you want children in the future, be sure to inform your surgeon about this in the preliminary discussion. So the doctor can choose the appropriate surgical technique so that you can later breastfeed your baby without any problems.

If you want to have a child, an operation with access through the underbust fold is advisable, since the breast gland remains unaffected for milk production. Access through the nipple is at high risk of injury to the mammary gland. For this reason, we advise against this technique if your family planning has not yet been completed.

It is also important to know that the breast can change as a result of breastfeeding. Nevertheless, the implant remains in shape while in place.

The effect of botox is visible immediately after the injection

We have often seen patients come to us with the expectation of being able to see the desired effect immediately after Botox injections. Unfortunately, this is a myth, because the effects of botulinum toxin do not start immediately, but build up slowly. The first results appear after 2-4 days. The full range of effects should be reached after 14 days.

After about 3 months, the effects of botox begin to subside and after 6 months the active ingredient is completely broken down. However, these periods are only guidelines, because the dismantling takes place at an individual pace for each person. It is therefore important to know that the treatment must be repeated regularly for permanent wrinkle smoothing.

Botox is addictive

You have probably read a lot about “botox addiction”. In this case, there is often talk of celebrities who have started with botox and cannot or do not want to stop.

The use of botox does not make you physically dependent. Nevertheless, it can happen that you get used to your youthful appearance and strive for perfection. This has nothing to do with an addiction to botox but is a personal attitude towards the aging process and your own ideal. In this case, it would be more appropriate to speak of an “addiction to eternal youth”.

Liposuction helps with cellulite

Liposuction is used to remove excess and stubborn fat. If the skin and connective tissue are sagging before the procedure, the skin may hang even more after the procedure. In these cases, liposuction is usually combined with a tightening. This is the only way to remove fat and excess skin while tightening loose skin. The combination of these procedures creates an even complexion.

Each breast implant can burst and leak

The myth that breast implants can burst or leak can still be seen today. In the past, there were actually occasional leaks and loss of substance.

The new generation of breast implants is very safe nowadays because they consist of a highly cohesive gel and a resistant shell. The gel is so densely cross-linked that it does not leak, even if you cut through the implants.

Theoretically, there is a risk with older generation liquid implants that they burst and leak in the breast. Implants filled with saline can also burst and leak. However, there is no health risk here because the body can simply break down the saline solution and then excrete it.

However, you should always make sure that you are operated on in a reputable clinic and that the doctor only uses high-quality branded implants.

Breast implants hinder breast cancer screening

The use of silicone implants can affect and complicate mammography in breast cancer screening. There is a potential risk of crushing the implants or capsular fibrosis. The ultrasound examination and the MRI examination offer a sensible alternative, which in combination provide even better results.

The most important thing, in this case, is always to inform the treating doctor about your breast implants beforehand. Breast implants are not an obstacle to participating in breast cancer screening mammography.

In conclusion, did you also think that these myths mentioned above are also true? Now you should definitely be up to date. If you have more myths, if you are considering any aesthetic procedure or just have a question about aesthetic surgery, please book an appointment with us and our specialists will gladly assist you.

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