7 things you need to know before wearing Panty liners

Vaginal discharges are a common occurrence for every woman. These are usually yellowish-white thick mucus shaped discharges that are a result of the vagina’s natural cleaning process.

However, a large amount of such discharge can make things uncomfortable for women, as they feel unwanted wetness, dampness & excessive moisture.

Especially for working women who’re required to travel a lot during the daytime, & for female athletes & gymnasts who need to feel fresh before a big game, constant vaginal discharges, even in small quantities, can become an issue.

Organic panty liners are a perfect way for women to feel fresh, moisture-free & dry during the day.

These are thin sheets of absorbent cotton that are worn on the inside lines of a female panty & help absorb vaginal discharge, light menstrual flow & any other discharge from the vagina.

Organic panty liners are basically thin pads worn by women inside their panties to keep vaginal discharge at bay and avoid excessive wetness, rashes & stains.

Sometimes, panty liners are also used in addition to menstrual cups, pads & tampons to avoid any leakage & staining during their menstruation.

Panty Liners come in many sizes, shapes & for many purposes. One can find compact panty liners meant for everyday use, to large, protective panty liners that are meant to absorb light to medium menstrual flow.

Organic Panty liners are disposable & come with adhesive at the back of the pad that helps them attach better to panties. Some of them even come with ‘wings’, attachable flaps that help the pads stick better & stay in shape.

There are multiple benefits of using panty liners. Some of these are mentioned below:

  • Carefree panty liners provide everyday protection from urine leakage, mild to heavy vaginal discharge & an unexpected period. At a time when most working women might forget their period cycles due to their busy schedules, daily wear carefree panty liners really prove to be a gift from the gods! It helps avoid unpleasant situations & staining, as well as help, keep you feeling dry & fresh!
  • Panty Liners help keep your vaginal area dry & moisture-free by soaking up any additional vaginal discharge, & thus giving you a more confident approach towards every day.
  • Panty liners can also come in handy during the last few days of your period when the blood flow is minimal to not warrant the usage of a tampon/pad, yet is still enough to cause a stain or spot. Organic panty liners can help women stay fresh & confident every day.
  • Organic panty liners help keep your panties clean & help keep your vagina healthy & fresh by absorbing any additional vaginal discharge &/or period blood that could otherwise ruin your panties.
  • Organic panty liners are a great option for new mothers to deal with postpartum blood discharge. New mothers often experience mild to heavy blood discharge for about a few weeks after giving birth. Carefree panty liners are a perfect way for new mothers to keep their vaginas healthy & fresh throughout the day.

Many Indian women have started using carefree panty liners on a daily basis today. They have become a basic part of general female hygiene now, especially in the days after periods when a little spotting & staining is common.

Women also use panty liners to help soak up vaginal discharge & keep them feeling fresh & dry during long, busy days.

If you too are thinking about wearing carefree panty liners, we’ve rounded up a few tips for you.

Here are the 7 things you need to keep in mind before using panty liners.

Make sure your hands are thoroughly clean & dried before you start applying the panty liner. Dirty, wet hands can help in breeding harmful germs &/or bacteria that might severely affect your vaginal health. After applying the panty liners, make sure to wash your hands again.

It’s advisable to use unscented panty liners to ensure little to no itching &/or infection/inflammation. Scented panty liners contain a lot of chemicals that might prove hazardous for your vaginal health & in some cases, might even lead to an infection.

Ensure you change your panty liners every 5 hours. Carefree panty liners are made up of thin absorbent material that lasts up to 5 hours on a ‘normal discharge’ day. In order to stay fresh & dry the whole day, you need to ensure that you swap your panty liners every 5 hours. On days that you’re experiencing a heavy vaginal discharge &/or mild menstrual flow, you should change the panty liner accordingly.

Make sure to never sleep whilst wearing a panty liner. Panty liners are meant to be used during the day only to keep you feeling fresh & dry. Keeping them on during the night can lead to infections by making it possible for harmful germs to breed around your vaginal area. Your skin needs to breathe free during the night, as this is the time when the vagina cleans itself out naturally & releases discharge. Wearing panty liners during the night blocks this natural process & interferes with the health of your vagina.

It’s important to only use panty liners before or just after your period, but not during. Panty liners are a thin sheet of cotton that is meant to absorb light to heavy vaginal discharge but isn’t equipped to handle the period flow. Although, they can be used as an additional layer of safety along with pads, tampons & menstrual cups.

If you have especially sensitive skin or have some infection in your vaginal area, it is recommended that you use cotton based panty liners. Cotton based panty liners utilize zero chemicals in manufacturing them. These are good for women with sensitive skin prone to developing rashes, ulcers or irritation, as they help keep off the irritation & also give the skin enough space to breathe & heal naturally.

If you’re starting to use panty liners for the first time, we highly recommend using the best organic panty liners. Organic panty liners are purely made out of cotton & are completely non-toxic. Since they’re made out of pure materials without any utilization of chemicals, they’re highly absorbent too & don’t pose any danger to your skin or the health of your vaginal area. Organic panty liners are especially good for new mothers who’re going through a sensitive skin & vagina phase, & keep the new mother in good health.They’re also a great bet when you’re suffering from some vaginal infection that requires you to steer clear of any & all chemicals.

All in all, panty liners are quickly finding their way into the average Indian women’s daily hygiene routine. If you’re just beginning to use panty liners, it’s best that you utilize organic panty liners to safeguard your vaginal health.

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