An Overview of the Health Benefits of Biotin

Biotin is a form of the B Vitamin which is widely available in a lot of food sources. It is also water soluble and hence gets easily absorbed into the system, also helping to convert food into energy in the process.

Biotin is Vitamin B7 to be exact, and amongst other things, it is especially needed during pregnancy and lactation. It has been seen that about 50% of pregnant women might develop a mild vitamin B7 deficiency. This is because the biotin is broken down by the body much faster during pregnancy and in very rare and very severe cases of deficiency, might also lead to birth defects. However, no Biotin tablets or supplements must be taken before first consulting the doctor.

It is important for the proper and healthy growth of hair, skin and nails. It is needed in the body for the proper functioning of a lot of enzymes like carboxylases. These enzymes contain biotin themselves and help in the overall metabolism, along with the production of healthy glucose and fatty acids. It is recommended that infants should have an intake of 5 micrograms per day and adults should have a daily intake of 30 micrograms, with amount going up to 35 micrograms in lactating women.

It is also helpful in the creation of a number of enzymes that help break down amino acids like leucine. Those who are suffering from yellowing of the nails or from brittle nails might be benefitted from it. Those who have hair fall problems or suffer from hair breakage, are often given biotin supplements, or multivitamins containing Biotin among other vitamins, although it has also been noticed that only those with an acute deficiency are likely to enjoy the benefits of a supplement.

 On the other hand, it has also been seen that those with Type 2 diabetes are helped by biotin. Type 2 Diabetes is a form of metabolic disease, one where the insulin function is hindered and the patient suffers from high blood sugar levels. Biotin supplements have been effective in controlling such high sugar levels, although depending from patient to patient, biotin alone is not always the only way of treatment. It is often combined with chromium to bring about the best results.

Lack of Biotin may result in itchy skin and rashes and one may also suffer from conditions like multiple sclerosis, which is an autoimmune disease which affects the protective layering of the nerves in the brain, spine or eyes.

Having a multivitamin everyday can help with a number of nutrient deficiency but it is important to choose the right brand of supplements for the best results. Purayati delivers across India and so those who want to buy multivitamins online know where to look. It is one of the most trusted brands of health supplements in the country, with most of their supplements being derived from completely vegetarian sources. One can find supplements for all kinds of nutrients with Purayati, including Biotin supplements, and it will help combat many lifestyle induced deficiency for a healthy living.

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