Five things to do with your family while you are in quarantine

Health professionals have instructed people to maintain ‘social distancing’ amid the COVID-19 pandemic. In an attempt to prevent the virus from spreading, people all over the world are restricted to their homes and are practicing self-quarantine. Schools and colleges are shut down, employees are asked to work from home, and many major sporting events have been canceled.

No matter how unwilling you must be to stay at home when boredom strikes, you cannot do anything but wait till the time passes. Well, professional assignment writing service has come to rescue you! Below are some of the things you can do with your family while being in quarantine.

1.Teach your kids new skills

You will have ample time to teach new skills to your kids, just like your grandparents must have taught you in childhood. How about a violin lesson? Or small house repairs, like changing the blub or fixing the doorknob? Even minor car maintenance would be helpful for them. This is the best opportunity for you to prepare your kids for life ahead.

2.Plan a movie night

How about kicking out boredom by having an amazing movie night? You and your kids both are going to be super happy! Isn’t it a win-win situation? Prepare a list of movies to watch with your kids, or you can also vote for the movies that everyone will like. Choose some feel-good movies to lighten up the mood and keep the worries at bay.

3.Bakes Cookie and prepare a meal together

Nothing unites a family more than cooking food together! Get creative with pancake toppings to see giggles at the time of breakfast. Let your kids decide the recipe or the ingredients. We assure you it would be a culinary adventure, and your kids will eventually learn which ingredients work together and which do not.

4. Read them stories

Read stories to your kids, not just at bedtime! Stories can make your kids learn about many things. You can even narrate the current situation as a story to keep them informed. Telling them directly about the current health crises might scare them off. So, what you can do is to create a light environment, and subtly tell them what Coronavirus is and the measures to protect ourselves from contracting it.

5.Have a family devotional time

When the churches are closed, probably the best thing we can do during such a situation is to observe a family devotional time. Listening to a sermon together or reading a passage from the bible or merely praying will bring your family closer than ever.

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Written by Callum Bryne

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